The Week in iOS Apps: Offerings for the jet set

This week's roundup includes new and improved apps for travel. Airbnb lets you figure out where to stay; DUFL lets you get dressed once you're there. Plus, new games inspired by new movies.

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Offerings for the jet set

This week’s roundup includes new and improved apps for travel. Airbnb lets you figure out where to stay; DUFL lets you get dressed once you’re there. Plus, new games inspired by new movies.



Airbnb is now a universal app, available for iPad as well as iPhone. Hosts can use the app to list a space and manage the listing, and accept or decline reservations from guests. Guests can search for listings and request bookings. The service offers places to stay in more than 34,000 cities.


Amazon Instant Video

There are several great new upgrades for the Amazon Instant Video app: Now you can watch movies using your mobile data plan—or even in HD. The app lets you configure your mobile download and video quality settings, just in case you don’t want to go overboard.

b social


We love our iPhones—maybe too much sometimes. The $1 b-social app gamifies that phenomenon and lets you score more points the fewer times you check it each day. You can take phone calls without penalty so long as you resume your non-usage immediately after. The prize for “winning:” Sitting and having a nice conversation with your family at dinner!



Here’s an app for the jet set. DUFL “stores your clothing in your personal DUFL closet, and allows you to virtually pack by selecting your clothing items from within the app. Once you’ve scheduled your trip, you’ll travel, bag free, and your freshly cleaned and neatly packed clothing will meet you at your specified destination. When you’re ready to head home, schedule a pick up from the hotel and we’ll clean your clothes and have them waiting in your virtual closet, ready for your next trip!”


Jurassic World

Jurassic World lets you collect, hatch, and evolve 50 different kinds of dinosaurs. Build a theme park, then challenge opponents to an arena battle. It’s what you might call an old-school game—so old it’s prehistoric.


Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight: Kind of like Jurassic World, only with superheroes.


Office Lens

Office Lens is Microsoft’s version of a pocket-scanner app, trimming and cleaning up images of documents, whiteboards, and more to make them appear like the originals. The app has handwriting recognition, meaning you can search those images by keywords.



If there was a wrestling version of Pong, Wrassling would be it. So it’s kind of like Marvel Future Fight, but with (intentionally) much, much worse graphics. And no superheroes. 

uber watch

Offerings for Apple Watch

Tamagotchi Classic lets you take care of your virtual pet from the Apple Watch … Uber now lets you summon a driver from your wrist … You can also now respond to Skype messages using your watch.

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