The Week in Mac Apps: Keep your bookmarks all in one place with URL Manager Pro, and more

This week’s Mac app roundup brings you tools to organize your notes, manage your finances, and, when you’re ready to relax, write a song or two.

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Apps for productivity, making a scrapbook, and more

This week’s Mac app roundup introduces Opus One, a calendar tool for the ultra-orgranized. Plus, we've got tools that help you manage your notes, keep tabs on your finances, and, when you’re ready to relax, write a song or two.


CircleIcons 1.1

Need pixel-perfect icons for your iOS, Mac, or Apple Watch app? Bayhoff’s $10 CircleIcons (Mac App Store Link) can lend a hand—this tool uses a set of simple rules that produce excellent icons designed to look at home on any device.

The app supports all Apple-mandated formats and sizes, includes numerous effects like gradients, borders, and shadows, and can export artwork ready for use in Xcode, iTunes Connect, and the Web.


ClipCard 1.0

ClipCard (Mac App Store Link) helps you quickly pull together your notes, tasks, files, and contacts from multiple sources, displaying them in a convenient window where you can use and combine them to your heart’s desire.

The app supports many popular cloud-based services—including GitHub, Evernote, Google Drive, and Trello—providing you with a unified search mechanism that will dig in to all your data no matter where it's stored.


Labels and Addresses 1.7

Even though its death has been predicted more times than you can shake a fist at, snail mail doesn’t seem to go away. Thankfully, Belight Software’s $25 Labels & Addresses (Mac App Store Link) is here to make addressing your letters and packages easier.

The app allows you to create both address and return labels, with support for advanced postal features, a wide selection of templates, and the ability to print on a variety of media.


Money Pro 1.0

There seems to be no end to the number of financial products that find their way into the Mac App Store—which is probably a good thing, given how important good money management skills are.

iBear LLC’s $10 Money Pro brings an interesting approach to the problem, foregoing much of the complexity and advanced features that are of interest only to a minority of users, and focusing instead on simple tasks like balancing your checkbook, paying bills, and budgeting your expenses. The app presents all your information in a simple and concise format rich with intuitive graphics and explanatory text.


Opus One 1.1

Piso 13’s $25 Opus One (Mac App Store Link) puts your calendar on steroids, with support for everything from maps to notes, task scheduling, and more.

The app helps you set goals and measure them, supports advanced note-taking functions that include drawings and audio, and is chock full of features designed to make your day more productive.


Right Click Booster 1.2

Designed with expert users in mind, Hobbyist Software’s Right Click Booster (Mac App Store Link) brings a host of new capabilities to the Finder’s right-click menu.

The app puts all kinds of functionality at your fingertips, including the ability to interact with the Git versioning system, open a new terminal window on a given directory, create empty files, and more.


Scrapbook Crafter 1.0.0

With graduations and year-end recitals coming up, it might be time to keep an eye on tools like PearlMountain’s $30 Scrapbook Crafter, which helps your immortalize your memories for posterity in your very own digital scrapbook.

The app comes with more than 60 different templates, hundreds of backgrounds, and thousands of clipart images designed to help you personalize your creation just the way you want it. When you’re done, you can print your scrapbook, export it to a variety of formats, and share it with your friends via e-mail or social media.


Songs 1.6

Here’s one for all you music virtuosos (aspiring or otherwise): Developer Ilya Belenkiy’s $20 Songs (Mac App Store Link) makes quick work of putting an arrangement to your lyrics by allowing you to accompany a piece of text with chords.

The app supports rich-text formatting, automatically suggests chord names and finger positions, produces high-quality PDFs of your work, and can even play back your chords using a realistic guitar sound.


URL Manager Pro 4.4.5

If you frequently use multiple browsers, you should check out Alco Blom’s $25 URL Manager Pro (Mac App Store Link), which allows you to build a system-wide bookmark list that works everywhere.

The app makes it easy to import your existing bookmarks, uses Spotlight to index its documents, and even comes with a handy share extension that makes it easy to capture the current page from any compatible browser.

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