The Week in Mac Apps: Allocator raises the bar for other investment apps

This week's roundup of Mac apps brings you great ways to add richness to your audio recordings and screen captures, calendar software that covers your entire year, and more.

00 intro a new dashboard tool, photography software, and more

This week’s roundup of Mac apps brings you great ways to add richness to your audio recordings and screen captures, calendar software that covers your entire year, and more.


Allocator 1.1.2

Solbits’s $30 Allocator (Mac App Store Link) simplifies the task of managing your investments by helping you analyze and chart the state of your portfolio.

The app can automatically track all your stocks, and produces a number of beautiful graph-based reports that detail how your money is allocated, giving you a great way to make sure that you’re investing the right way.


Annotate 2.0.4

As its name suggests, Driftt’s $9 Annotate (Mac App Store Link) lets you grab screenshots from your Mac and add all kinds of notes to them.

The app can capture arbitrary regions of your screen as well as individual windows. You can then highlight portions of the resulting image, and draw or type text over it.


Audio Notebook 1.0

Music Paradise’s $2 Audio Notebook is the perfect companion for lectures, seminars, and meetings.

The app allows you to pair an audio file with time-stamped notes, thus making it easy to create a sense of context to accompany your recordings.


CoverScout 3.6.3

If you’re tired of dealing with missing iTunes artwork, check out Equinux’s $27 CoverScout 3 (Mac App Store Link).

The app is designed to help you identify and locate every last song and album that lacks associated cover art, and search the Internet for replacements.


Interval 3.2

Developer Fabio Policarpo’s $4 Interval brings the power of time-lapse photography to your Mac.

The app allows you to create smooth movies from either a sequence of photos or from keyframes taken from an existing regular-speed video, and includes support for professional formats like RAW and UHD.


PeakHour 3.0.5

Wondering what’s going with your network? Digitician’s $8 PeakHour 3 (Mac App Store Link) may hold the answers you need.

The app works with compatible routers (including those in Apple’s Airport family) to analyze every last byte that travels through your local network and provide you with a complete account of where all your data goes right in your Mac’s menu.


PhotoJob 2.0

RootRise Technologies’s $10 PhotoJob 2 (Mac App Store Link) is a Swiss Army knife for all your photographic needs.

The app allows you to batch rename, resize, filter, convert, and watermark your images with a simple but powerful interface, and comes with numerous extra features, including support for many different formats and a handy quick-view mode that lets you take a peek at your results before you export them.


PopBoardz 1.0.2

If you feel a twinge of envy every time you look at a modern Windows desktop (we know, but there might be some Windows fans among us!), you may want to check out Moonbeach’s PopBoardz.

The free app allows you to create “boardz” made of up of tiles that can hold images, text files, videos and more—which gives you quick access to the items that matter most.


yCal 1.5

When your calendar starts driving you insane, it might be time to take a look at WhizBits’s $16 yCal (Mac App Store Link), which places an entire year’s worth of appointments and tasks at your fingertips.

The app gives you a bird’s eye view of your entire schedule, and lets you drill in to particular days so you can review and edit every last detail. You can even print out a convenient letter-sized version of your calendar that you can keep on your desk or hand out to others.

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