The Week in iOS Apps: WinIt lets you fight your parking tickets

This week's apps includes an offering that lets you fight parking tickets; there are also transit and photography apps, and much more.

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Just say no to parking tickets

This week’s apps includes an offering that lets you fight parking tickets; there are also transit and photography apps, and much more.



The makers of the free Bundle app say they’re “on a mission to make managing, sharing and storing your photos faster, cheaper and more fun.” The app lets you group the photos you like, discard the ones you don’t, and share albums with friends and family—all while securing them to Dropbox or Google Drive.


DirecTV Kids

DirecTV Kids lets subscribers view hundreds of popular children’s shows and kid-friendly movies available to watch instantly from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, HBO, Starz, Sprout and, soon, Disney—all without giving kids access to the scary Cinemax stuff they’d find on the regular DirecTV app.



The Moovit local transit app has been redesigned to feature three tabs: “Home” for searching and trip planning; “Favorites” for, well, you know; and “En Route,” for notifications on your ETA and when you’re about to reach your destination. 



Nine lets you create a picture-driven to-do list: Take a photo, apply an action tag—“make,” “buy,” “watch,” and “go,” among them—then filter into related groups. The app is designed to work in iOS 8, and only with iPhone 5 generations and later. 



Spotify is offering a number of new features, including a “Now” page that shapes recommendations based on your tastes, a “Spotify Running” offering that helps set the pace, plus video clips and podcasts.



This. is an invite-only social media app that lets you be social without being too social: Members are limited to sharing just one link per day. Slowing down sounds nice, right? 



Twitch is like a Periscope for gamers, letting fans of, say, certain “Call of Duty” players tune in live when their favorite gamer is playing. The latest update lets users watch highlights and past broadcasts. It’s AirPlay and Chromecast compatible, so you can watch on your big sreen.



We can’t vouch for the legal advice you’ll get from the WinIt, but we can say we’re intrigued by the idea: If you get a parking ticket in New York City, take a picture of the ticket, submit it via the app, and let the specialists handle it. “We will only charge you if we fight and successfully dismiss your ticket. We charge 50 percent of the original fine amount. In cases where we have no legal basis to dispute your ticket, or if your ticket is found guilty, we give you the option for us to pay the ticket on your behalf with a 3 percent processing fee.” If you use it, let us know how it works out.

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On the Apple Watch

YP, the Yellow Pages app, is now on the watch … So is PCalc, one of the best-loved calculator apps … and Living Earth now provides a real-time view of the planet right on your wrist.

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