The Week in Mac Apps: Clean up your contacts, folders, and desktop

This week's roundup of new Mac apps brings you all kinds of ways to keep your folders tidy and files organized—plus a couple of apps just for fun.

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All about keeping organized

This week’s roundup of new Mac apps brings you all kinds of ways to keep your folders tidy and files organized—plus a couple of apps just for fun.


Address Book Clearout 2.0

If your contacts have turned into a duplicated mess, Grande Americano’s $5 Address Book Clearout (Mac App Store Link) can help you sort through the rubble and bring order to chaos.

The app quickly finds and highlights duplicates to help you merge and eliminate redundant and out-of-date information with a simple but powerful interface.


Beanflows 1.6.2

Jatar’s $30 Beanflows (Mac App Store Link) combines a project management system with a Finder-like interface to bring you a neat way in which you can keep all your files organized.

The app uses a Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology to let you group files and directories into “beans,” mark them according to their state, and track their progress as they wind their way through to completion.


DiskCatalogMaker 6.4.12

Finder got your down? Let Fujiwara Software’s $30 DiskCatalogMaker (Mac App Store Link) come to the rescue.

The app creates fully-searchable catalogues from your drives, including information about files that are stored in archive formats like ZIP and RAR, CD-TEXT data, and much more. The search interface is easy to use, and supports a vast array of foreign characters sets and Unicode symbols.


Folder Tidy 2.6

If, much like your old childhood bedroom, your desktop has grown into an untenable mess, Tunabelly Software’s $8 Folder Tidy (Mac App Store Link) can help you sort the piles of rubble.

The app allows you grab the contents of a directory and neatly organize them according to a variety of factors, like file types, sizes, and date, ending up with a folder structure that clearly divides your data up in easy-to-manage groups. And, unlike your old bedroom, Folder Tidy also supports multiple-level undo in case you don’t like the end result.


Iridium Secure Browser 41.2.3

Originally built as a custom version of the Chromium project, Struktur AG’s Iridium Secure Browser (Mac App Store Link) is a custom browser designed to offer a truly private and protected Web experience.

The app implements strict policies that, by default, prevent the leakage of personal information and third-party tracking without your consent. Plus, because it’s based on the same engine as Google’s Chrome, it’s fast and fully compliant with all the Web standards that matter.


Maths Hangman For Kids and All 1.0

Gaurav Kestwal’s $5 Maths Hangman is designed to help users of all ages hone their math skills.

This simple game challenges its players with a series of timed math questions; correct answers help keep a poor alien figure from getting hanged. Maths Hangman supports different levels of speed and difficulty that involve increasingly complex operations.


Popup Window 1.6.4

As its name suggests, Catalystwo’s $12 Popup Window (Mac App Store Link) creates a window that floats over your desktop and provides quick access to your favorite files.

The app comes with built-in support for multiple window containers in which you can stash links to files, apps, and directories of your choosing, and can display its information using a variety of different layouts for maximum flexibility.


Revisions for Dropbox 2.0.2

Bayesbits’s Revisions for Dropbox (Mac App Store Link) is the perfect Dropbox companion.

The app features a visual flow interface that lets you track changes to files and directories, allows you to quickly restore deleted data, and review the contents of different versions to figure out what changed.


TerraRay 6.5.10

Synium Software’s $10 TerraRay (Mac App Store Link) helps graphic designers create realistic-looking landscapes using.

The app can generate land features like mountains and lakes, sky and cloud cover, vegetation, fog, and even erosion, and is even capable of incorporating manmade structures like buildings and bridges.

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