The Week in iOS Accessories: CarPlay receivers and Bluetooth adapters for on-the-road listening

This week's roundup includes several battery cases for the iPhone, ensuring your iOS device is always protected and powered up.

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Casing the joint

This week’s roundup also includes several battery cases for the iPhone, ensuring your iOS device is always protected and powered up.



If you’re a fan of the the Fallout series and Fallout Shelter, the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition comes with a Pip-Boy to fit on your forearm, complete with foam inserts that fit the iPhone 6, iPhone 5/5S, and iPhone 4/4S. (This is all very meaningful if you’re familiar with the game, we gather.) The idea was so popular, maker Bethesda has already sold out.

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The $250 Flir ONE is a thermal sensor that attaches to your iPhone, letting you “see” hot spots and cold spots across a 250-degree temperature range, with the ability to tell differences in temperature as small as 0.18-degrees Fahrenheit. The compatible app offers features like thermal panoramas and thermal time-lapse images.



The Kenwood DDX9902S is an Apple CarPlay receiver with a 6.95-inch wide screen, touch control panel, and built-in HD radio. It has built-in Bluetooth for pairing with your phone, as well. It’s available through Amazon for $750.

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The $80 Journey charger integrates a 3,500-mAh battery, Lightning cable, Micro-USB cable and AC wall charger all in one slim device. PhoneSuit, the maker, says it’s the “only charger you’ll ever need.” That’s probably an extravagant claim, but it might be the only charger you need right now.

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Reserve Strap

The $250 Reserve Strap for your Apple Watch looks chic and stylish—but most important, it contains a battery in the strap that gives you an additional 30 hours of Apple Watch use before everything needs recharged.



The $99 PowerShadow is shock-resistant, water-resistant—even allergy-resistant, thanks to its antimicrobial protection—and includes a 2,750-mAh battery that doubles the iPhone’s life between charges. It’s built to work with the iPhone 6.


Twist Speaker

The $129 Twist Speaker is a lightbulb that’s also a wireless speaker which plays your music, and can be controlled from your iPhone via Bluetooth. You can also control light gradations—and unlike the lightbulbs of yore, it comes with an expected 15-year lifespan. It’s available now for pre-order.

iphone 6 fm transmitter music player


The $9 Customized 8-pin Lightning FM Transmitter for Apple iPhone 6 plugs into your iPhone’s audio jack and Lightning port, transmitting an FM signal that you can pick up in your car—letting you blast your tunes while on the back roads.

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