The Week in Mac Apps: Encrypto makes sharing private data easy

In this week’s roundup of new Mac apps, you’ll find an app that keep your secrets secret, a bit of science for every occasion, and software that makes capturing your screen as easy as pie.

00 intro apps for graphic design, STEM education, and more!

In this week’s roundup of new Mac apps, you’ll find an app that keep your secrets secret, a bit of science for every occasion, and software that makes capturing your screen as easy as pie.


Affinity Designer 1.3

Serif’s $40 popular Affinity Designer (Mac App Store Link) brings professional-grade vector design at a budget price to your Mac.

The app’s latest release includes better support for popular formats like SVG and PSD, improved interoperation with other tools, and several new UI tools.


Encrypto 1.2

MacPaw’s Encrypto (Mac App Store Link) allows you to keep unwanted eyes from gaining access to the data you share via email.

The app supports drag-and-drop encryption using the high grade AES–256 protocol; all your recipient needs is an agreed-upon password, and you’re in business.


Formula Calculator 1.41

Bring out the scientist in you with AppScience’s Formula Calculator (Mac App Store Link)!

The app helps you compute mathematical formulas of any complexity, and then graph your result in either two or three dimensions. It supports multi-line calculations, UI themes, and a handy history of previous operations.



In its own words, The International GeoGebra Institute’s GeoGebra 5.0 (Mac App Store Link) “brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics, and calculus in one easy-to-use package.”

The app allows you to graph a variety of mathematical formulas into 2D or 3D visuals, and then explore their makeup using an interactive interface designed to help both teachers and students alike in STEM learning.


HiddenMe Free 2.1.1

If your desktop is an embarrassing mess, Appersian’s HiddenMe Free can help you hide it from view.

All you have to do is use the app’s always-on menu to toggle your desktop contents on and off—the perfect tool for showing demos and presentations without looking like a slob!


Magpie 1.0

Like videos but not distractions? Innoveghtive’s $5 Magpie lets you save your favorite web-based videos and watch them at your leisure.

Whenever you encounter a video worth saving, you simply instruct the app to keep a copy of its location. You can then watch it later using the app’s native player—and, since the app is compatible with iCloud, you can even sync your saved videos across multiple devices.


NoteFile 2.6

If your desk looks like the aftermath of a PostIt explosion, you may want to check out Junecloud’s $5 Notefile (Mac App Store Link).

The app sits quietly in your menu until called upon, at which point it allows you to create and edit notes in a jiffy. A more featureful interface can be called upon to organize and manage your notes, or you can share them through email and social media.


Redacted 1.0.1

Worried about accidentally sharing more than you should? Nothing Magical’s $7 Redacted (Mac App Store Link) helps you keep your confidential data safe by giving you an easy way to blur out those areas of images that you don’t want others to see.

This simple-to-use app works with most image formats, and makes quick work of using a pixellation filter to obscure rectangular portions of any picture you choose. You can then save the resulting file back to disk, either overwriting the original or exporting it to a new location.


Screenium 3.0

Synium Software’s $25 Screenium 3 (Mac App Store Link) makes quick work of capturing your desktop at a high frame rate to produce videos for your demos and presentations.

The app incorporates a versatile editor, can overlay text and pictures, and is even capable of capturing 5K video at full speed. Once everything is done, you can add your narration using your own voice or synthesized computer speech, and share the end result through a variety of media.

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