The Week in Mac Apps: Publish your own tweetstorm with TweetPublisher

In this week's roundup of Mac apps, we bring you tools for sharing everything you need to get work done, a musical escape for your downtime, and one of our favorite writing apps.

00 intro a killer writing app, video editing tools, and more!

In this week’s roundup of Mac apps, we bring you tools for sharing everything you need to get work done, a musical escape for your downtime, and one of our favorite writing apps.


Craft Pricing Calculator 1.0

Like to make and sell things? Create Solutions’s $2 Craft Pricing Calculator (Mac App Store Link) can help you figure out how much to charge your customers.

The app brings together a simple formula that keeps into consideration the cost of materials and time involved in the creation of your products, and combines it with your intended profit margin to come up with a final price.


Quip 4.0.1

Having trouble keeping tabs on your team’s documents and notes? Let Quip (Mac App Store Link) help you out.

The app brings together several office-oriented tools, such as a note taker, full-featured spreadsheet, and word processor, and makes them available in a team setting through which you can also chat and collaborate with your colleagues. The app is free, although the underlying cloud service offers premium tiers with prices based on the features you need.


Radio FM 1.0

The tagline for AudioGuidia’s Radio FM promises “10,000 radio stations in the menu bar,” and delivers by bringing a complete streaming audio solution that sits discretely out of the way until you need it.

The app features radio stations from all over the world, with a powerful search engine that makes finding and tagging your favorite ones quick and easy.


Shred Video 1.0.2

Shred Video helps you create beautiful videos by employing algorithms to automatically edit various shots together.

Designed for sports enthusiasts, the app (which is free but requires an in-app purchase to remove a watermark from the final product) can import footage from a variety of sources, including your GoPro camera, Photos library, and memory cards. The output can be synchronized to a song of your choice, and further edited by hand to tweak every last detail.


Soundescape 0.5.0

If you find that things get a little too quiet around your office, developer Luke Heuer’s Soundescape gives you a handy way to add a little noise to your life.

The app lets you mix-and-match several ambient sounds together into a unique blend of activity that suits your mood. It comes preloaded with a variety of noises, including computer fans, city rain, and even running showers.


Taskfabric 3.0.2

It will set you back a cool $60, but if you’re in the market for a way to handle your team’s tasks, Taskfabric (Mac App Store Link) looks like a contender that’s worth a look.

The app allows you to create and manage projects with as much detail as you need, and share them with your entire team using a series of standardized tools that support delegation and decision-making assistance.


Tembo 2.0

As much as we love the Finder, its interface can sometimes be a little… arcane. Fear not, though, because Houdah Software’s $7 Tembo 2.0 (Mac App Store Link) aims to bring order among chaos.

The app allows you quickly find and display files based on a search string. You can group and filter results by a variety of criteria, drilling down in a progressive fashion until you find what you’re looking for.


Tweet Publisher 1.0

Eager to publish your own tweetstorm? iLifeTouch’s $2 Tweet Publisher can help.

The app allows you to automatically split up a long paragraph of text into multiple tweets without having to worry about the social media service’s character count. You can even add images to each tweet, add hashtags and quickly find and mention any user.


Typed 1.2

Realmac Software’s $15 Typed (Mac App Store Link) has finally made its way to the App Store.

The app offers a minimalistic editing environment for the popular Markdown format, and features a series of tools designed to help you focus on your writing work, including a handy set of “zen” modes, several themes, and curated typography.

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