The Week in iOS Accessories: Cables, cords, and connections

This week's roundup includes all-new ways to dock, charge, and sync your iOS devices.

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Cables, cords, and connections

This week’s roundup includes all-new ways to dock, charge, and sync your iOS device. Read on!



Kanex’s $40 iPhone 6 Dock has an aluminum finish and a slip-resistant base, displaying your new iPhone to maximum effect while it charges and syncs.


Simple Station Dock

The Simple Station Dock is still in its Kickstarter fundraising phase, but we think it’s intriguing enough to draw to your attention. It “simplifies the process of charging your Apple Watch and iPhone by allowing you to charge them together in a simple and effective solution.” And it includes an amplifier, to better hear your iPhone’s music and alarms. It’s expected to retail for $139.



tLight is a lamp and iPhone dock in one. Spend $139 and get the version with the 7W LED light, or add $60 for the 10W LED light.

wood charging stand for apple watch walnut 4


There are many, many Apple Watch charging stands made of wood. It’s as though the woodworkers of the world finally found their purpose. At this point, we don’t know how to describe them differently except to point you to the picture and let you decide if you like the design. The $29 Wood Charging Stand for Apple Watch looks pretty nice, don’t you think?

flyp duo connector


The $25 FLYP-Duo has a couple of nifty features: First, it plugs into your USB port the first time, thanks to a design that lets you plug the cable in any way you want. Second, it’s equipped with both Lightning and micro-USB connectors, so that Android and Apple users can both take advantage. It’s tangle-free and supports “the fastest charging speeds possible.”


y charge quik usb ports


The $40 Y-Charge is a car charger with dual USB ports—built from heavy-duty materials into a “Y” shape to ensure users have easy access to both ports in the car, so driver and co-pilot can both keep their iPhones charged. 



How do we describe WATCHme? It looks like you took one of the minions from Despicable Me and turned it into an Apple Watch stand. It’s a “cute little monster,” the makers say, and there’s no denying it—plus, the monster comes in a variety of color combinations. The Kickstarter campaign runs through August 20.



The $50 Slide earphones are notable for the tangle-free zip they use to keep your things nicely organized, as well as the variety of color combinations to add style to your listening experience. And—oh yeah!—they also sound pretty good. The earphones come with an Apple-ready built-in mic-remote combo.

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