The week in Apple news: 47.5M iPhones, pleased Apple Watch users, Equality Act, VMAs, and more

Apple headlines for the week ending July 24, 2015.


Apple headlines for the week ending July 24, 2015

It’s the middle of summer, and Apple heated up the news wire this past week. It all started with Apple Watch news from both the third-party developer and the consumer standpoint, and ended with Apple announcing its support for the Equality Act.

Blink and you may have missed a headline—but that’s OK, because we have the top Apple news headlines right here in this slideshow. See a story you want to read? Click the link.

apple q3215

From Macworld’s Caitlin McGarry:

The iPhone continues to be the company’s sales juggernaut, raking in $31.37 billion on 47.5 million devices sold.

Also: Apple has $203 billion in cash. Why? (CNN)

beta reviews

From Macworld’s Caitlin McGarry:

Beta software is beta for a reason, and developers shouldn’t be punished with poor reviews by users running unsupported versions of iOS.

watch satisfaction

From From Macworld’s Caitlin McGarry:

97 percent are satisfied with the watch, which is higher than the percentage of original iPad and iPhone buyers who were happy after those respective launches.

Report: Apple Watch claims 75 percent of the smartwatch market with 4 million units shipped (Macworld)
Apple Waits as App Developers Study Who’s Buying Its Watch (New York Times)


From Macworld’s Caitlin McGarry:

Apple’s requirements will force [HomeKit] products to adhere to strict security standards that are beneficial to buyers in the long run.

Also: Bug in latest version of OS X gives attackers unfettered root privileges (Ars Technica)

beats bts

From Apple:

Receive a pair of Beats Solo2 On-Ear Headphones at no cost — or upgrade to a pair of Beats Solo2 Wireless Headphones for $100 — when you buy an eligible Mac with education pricing.


From Macworld’s Caitlin McGarry:

All signs point to something major in the works over at 1 Infinite Loop. If it turns out to be a vehicle, that could be the biggest product (in terms of size and achievement) Apple has ever made.

applecare lawsuit

From AppleInsider's Roger Fingas:

A newly-filed class action lawsuit accuses Apple of breaching contract by failing to provide new — or ‘equivalent to new’ — devices when offering up replacement hardware under AppleCare+ warranties.

Big tech companies back Samsung in Apple patent fight (IDG New Service)
FTC investigation into Apple heats up, music streaming services hit with subpoenas (The Verge)
U.S. Senator urges investigation of Apple’s music streaming policies (IDG News Service)

apple ibm apps

From IDG News Service’s Fred O’Connor:

The apps use technology like predictive analytics and are for business travelers and mortgage officers, among other professionals.

Also: Air Canada, National Grid sign up to use Apple, IBM apps (IDG News Service)

equality act 2015

From HRC Blog's Stephen Peters:

‘At Apple we believe in equal treatment for everyone, regardless of where they come from, what they look like, how they worship or who they love.’

seattle office

From Bloomberg Business’ Hui-Yong Yu:

Apple is making a bigger push into cloud-computing services to compete with companies including Seattle-based Inc., Google and Microsoft Corp.


From Adweek's David Griner:

While Tim Cook and Jony Ive may be household names to most Apple aficionados, the real duo behind the brand’s product portfolio these days are [Richard] Howarth and [Alan] Dye.

amazing apps ad

From MacRumors’ Eric Slivka:

The new ad, entitled ‘Amazing Apps’ focuses on the array of apps available in the App Store.

apple music mishaps

From Macworld’s Oscar Raymundo:

Apple Music is still new—indeed, no one’s even paying for it yet—but with every mishap, listeners lose more confidence in Apple’s service as their reliable, daily source of streaming music.

Also: Start Freaking, The 2015 MTV VMA Nominations Are Coming (MTV)

jobs man machine movie

From Mashable’s Josh Dickey:

Steve Jobs never compromised, nor did he pull punches. Neither does Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney.


From Yahoo Finance’s Aaron Pressman:

Cook’s overarching outlook on China was completely positive for Apple...But the experts had some concerns that the CEO didn’t mention.

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