The Week in iOS Apps: Send and Popsicle offer easier ways to communicate

This week's roundup includes two new apps—Send and Popsicle—that will allow you to communicate more easily without clutter. Read on!

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Chat away

This week’s roundup includes two new apps—Send and Popsicle—that will allow you to communicate more easily without clutter. Read on!


Google Play Books

Some changes to Google Play Books, everybody’s favorite alternative to Kindle and iBooks on iOS: There’s a new font, Literata, “designed for book lovers”; the ability to sync notes and highlights to Google Drive, and left alignment as a display option. The “Read Now” library also has an overhauled look.



Foodee isn’t necessarily for foodies, but possibly more for dieters. Need to track every morsel that enters your body? This is the way to do it. The developers say: “It is a simple, but yet amazing and beautiful app to track your meals, pick your favorite ones and finally see and realize, what you are really eating.”



Likealike is similar to Meetup—where the older service is event-driven, Likealike is user-driven: Not only can you find things to do, but you can find other people who like to do the things you do and make plans with them. You can also do things the old-fashioned way: Search for groups and events, show up, and hope you’re welcomed by the older members of the group.


Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation: Duh-duh-duhDAH “Your mission…” duh-duh-DAHduuuuuuh “...should you choose to accept it…” duh-duh-duhDAH “ to play this freemium spy game and pretend like you’re Tom Cruise!” duh-duhduh-da-DAHDAHHHHHHH! “This message will self-destruct in five seconds.”



Popsicle is like Facebook Messenger, only for Twitter. Chat with any Twitter friend who also has the Popsicle app. You’ll never have to ask for phone or email info again.



Send is more evidence, after Popsicle, that we’re tired of email. The Microsoft app turns all your correspondence into SMS-style messages—“no subject lines, salutations, or signatures”—to keep your communication clean.

spotify 2


Spotify is doing its darndest to keep up with Apple Music in the suddenly fierce competition between streaming music services. Now it’s partnering with the Nike+ Running app to offer exclusive stations based on the pace you want to set.


Square Dashboard

Square Dashboard is a sales analytics app for businesses and individuals that use Square to take payments. “ It puts your finger on the pulse of your business—anytime, anywhere, even from the comfort of your couch. Link to your existing Square account and view live sales in seconds.”


For the Apple Watch

The Sygic app lets you navigate via your watch … Make your wish list of movies to watch on TodoMovies 4Happier (pictured) is like a mood ring for your wrist.

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