The Week in Mac Apps: Tools for developers, designers, and more

This week's roundup of new Mac apps brings you software the helps developers measure twice and market once, designers manager their assets,

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Tools for developers, designers, and more

This week’s roundup of new Mac apps brings you a selection of apps that help developers measure twice and market once, designers manager their assets, and everyone else add a little bit of reflection to their photos.


HeliumLift 1.0

Be more productive with Justin Mitchell and Jaden Geller’s HeliumLift, an app that places a translucent browser right on top of your desktop.

The browser is designed to be visible without interfering with your other apps, and can be used in conjunction with a free extension for Google Chrome.


iMindQ 7.0

Seavus Dooel’s $95 iMindQ (Mac App Store Link) is a mind-mapping and diagramming app designed to help organize your ideas in a visual format.

The app supports several different diagram styles, including GANTT and flow charts, and even allows you to export your work to an interactive HTML format that can be easily published on the Web or sent to others via e-mail.


KeyFlow Pro 1.0.1

Malgn Technology’s $300 KeyFlow Pro (Mac App Store Link) is an asset management tool that helps digital pros keep their data secure and well organized.

The app supports a variety of media types, including many image and video formats, supports customized editing workflows, and makes sharing assets with coworkers a breeze.


Pixel Winch 1.0

Ricci Adams’s $15 Pixel Winch (Mac App Store Link) takes a novel approach to helping you measure the things you see on your screen.

Instead of relying on complicated screen overlays, the app allows you to “grab” a portion of your screen and display it in a more traditional graphical editing interface, where sophisticated algorithms visually measure the width and height of every individual feature—a perfect tool for designers and developers alike.


Radar Extreme 1.0.2

Keeping a watchful eye on the weather just got easier, thanks to Mach Software Design’s $5 Radar Extreme (Mac App Store Link).

The app allows you to examine both local and global weather radar reports from anywhere in the world—including sites that track lightning strikes—and superimpose their content with realtime local weather reports.


Reflect Studio 1.0

BrainFeverMedia’s $10 Reflect Studio (Mac App Store Link) helps you add beautiful reflection effects to your photos.

The app comes with a huge selection of presets for all kinds of reflection styles, and makes quick work of transforming every picture in your album into a work of art.


StoreView 1.0

A great tool for all developers, Daft Logic Studio’s $2 StoreView (Mac App Store Link) helps you perfect your marketing message by rendering a copy of your app’s page as it appears in the App Store—before you actually publish it.

StoreView supports unlimited previews, offers fully-interactive renderings, and even allows you to import metadata from existing apps for a more streamlined experience.


Swift Note 2.0.1

KuzmenkoFamily’s $2 Swift Note 2 (Mac App Store Link) brings sticky notes to your Mac with a twist.

The app allows you to create notes on your screen (and on your Today panel) that you can customize and fill to your liking. A special time-travel feature then allows you to review their contents as they have changed over time.


TurboCollage Lite 6.0.1

Developer Gaurav Agarwal’s TurboCollage Lite (Mac App Store Link) makes beautiful collages out of your pictures.

All you need to do is feed the app a selection of photos, and watch it do its magic as it produces a beautiful rendering that you can customize to your heart’s desire—even adding your own captions and layout.

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