The Week in iOS Accessories: New bands for the Apple Watch

This week's roundup includes plenty of new Apple Watch bands—ranging from classy to shiny to just plain fun.

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New bands for the Apple Watch

This week’s roundup includes plenty of new Apple bands—ranging from classy to shiny to just plain fun.



The BatteryBox is a “a portable battery that works for 3000 cycles and can power a MacBook Air for 13 hours straight, or fully charge an iPhone 11 times.” It weighs in at just under a pound, and sells for $220. 



Clessant is trying to jumpstart a whole line of Apple Watch bands, with products made of a variety of leathers—including calf, buffalo, alligator, and more: There are 26 different straps to choose from. But they’ve got to make it to production first: Clessant is still trying to raise funds from Indiegogo to get to production; as of this writing the line was half-funded with 20 days to go.


Fashion Copilot

If you’re looking for something glitzier, though, Fashion Copilot offers a range of Apple Watch replacement bands, each studded with Swarovski Crystals to give your wrist a shimmering, shiny look. Prices range from $70 for bands from the “Shimmer collection” to $130 for bands in the “Sheer Elegance” collection. 

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IK Multimedia

The $70 iRig PowerBridge “allows continuous charging while also passing along audio and MIDI information between the digital iRig accessory and the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.” In other words: You never have to stop making music.



LINK Power Drive backs up your iOS device in two ways—by acting as an external battery, and an external storage drive. It comes in 16, 32, and 64GB models, and features both USB and Lightning connectors to plug in. 



The $90 Powerstation XL is a 12,000-mAh battery and, well, that’s a lot of power storage—enough to recharge two iPads at the same time. And you can do that, because it has two USB ports, plus one micro-USB port, so you’re always ready with extra power.


Pad & Quill

The $90 Classic Apple Watch Band looks like something you might see in a bourbon ad in one of your dad’s leftover 1979 issues of Esquire. It’s classy. It comes in four different types of hand-crafted leather, and helps give your Apple Watch a refined air. 



The $99 Infinity Case for iPhone 6 bills itself as “the world’s first luxury battery case,” and it is pretty nice. It’s light, thin, stores 4200 mAh of power, and comes in gold, black, or white.



The $20 Blocks is an Apple Watch stand. Made of Lego-style blocks. Do we really have to say more?

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