The Week in Mac Apps: Carrot brings witty weather to your desktop

A popular iOS app thunders into this week’s roundup of new Mac apps, bringing a not-so-sunny disposition and forecasts with personality.

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Bask in the glorious warmth of the partly-obscured sun!

A popular iOS app thunders into this week’s roundup of new Mac apps, bringing a not-so-sunny disposition and forecasts with personality. We also bring you apps for managing your audio sources, getting rid of photos you don’t need, and more.


AudioSwitcher 2.24.932

It never fails: Connect more than one speaker to your Mac, and the sound is guaranteed to always come out of the wrong one.

Fear not, though, for develoepr Paul O’Neill’s $1 AudioSwitcher is here to help. It offers a quick way to channel your audio input and output to any device that is connected to your computer—including, of course, wireless systems powered by Bluetooth and AirPlay—with the added option of controlling volume levels on a case-by-case basis.


BeerAlchemy 2.0.23

Homebrewers, rejoice! Kent Place Software’s $30 BeerAlchemy (Mac App Store Link) makes managing your passion for beer easy and worry-free.

The app allows you to track all of your brewing experiments, keep a running inventory of ingredients, and even generate a shopping list for when your supply stash needs restocking. Compatibility with popular data formats like Promash and BeerXML make exchanging your recipes with your friends a breeze.


Carrot Weather 1.0

Grailr’s $10 Carrot Weather (Mac App Store Link) brings a popular iOS forecasting app to your Mac.

The app provides accurate forecasts with, um, sharp wit (nothing brightens a rainy day like having your Mac mock you and the weather) and even features a unique Time Machine feature that lets you relive past conditions—and discover longer-term forecasts.


Leaf 5.0

It’s always good to see RSS readers pop up on the App Store, especially when they come with exciting new features.

Case in point, Rocky Sand Studio’s $4 Leaf (Mac App Store Link) is a news app that features a beautiful user interface and an easy-to-learn experience designed to make keeping abreast of current events a breeze.


MyPoint Light S 2.19

While we anxiously await the release of OS X El Capitan and its new cursor-finding gesture, use Code Race’s $3 MyPoint Light S (Mac App Store Link) in the meantime to help you find your way around your desktop.

The app overlays a set of colored circles on top of your cursor, thus allowing you to quickly figure out where the pointer is located. The overlay can be set to appear only when you move things around, or made permanent if you prefer to have it handy at all times.


PhotoSweeper 2.2.0

If storage space is getting tight, Overmacs Team’s $10 PhotoSweeper (Mac App Store Link) can help you eliminate images you don’t need to keep.

The app can automatically discover and report image files that are either copies of each other or very similar to one another using a sophisticated set of algorithms that look at everything from metadata to image contents. It’s compatible with Lightroom, Aperture, and Photos, and even doubles as a handy photo browser.


Schedule 1.0

iLifeTouch’s $4 Schedule offers a visual approach to managing your calendar that gives you an at-a-glance view of your upcoming activities.

The app identifies each item in your schedule with an icon that you can pick from dozens of presets. Customizable colors and completion statuses give you a quick way to see what’s out of your way and what still needs attention.


Super Refocus 1.5.0

It’s sometimes hard to get point-and-shoot cameras (and your iPhone) to focus on the subjects that matter to you when you’re taking a picture.

Enter EffectMatrix’s $20 Super Refocus (Mac App Store Link), an app that lets you add selective-focus effects to photos you’ve already taken. Simply select an area that contains the subject you want to highlight, and let Super Refocus do its magic to turn a humdrum shot into a dramatic portrait.


Transloader 2.1

Tired of discovering cool stuff on your iOS device and then having to fumble with URLs and links to download it on your Mac? Let Eternal Storms Software’s $4 Transloader automate the entire process for you.

The app allows you to sync any link—including BitTorrent magnets—from your iPhone and iPad straight on to your Mac, where the corresponding network resources are automatically downloaded and saved for you.

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