The Week in iOS Accessories: Keeping cables nice

This week's roundup includes a couple of accessories that solve the problem of keeping your cables un-bent and un-broken. Read on!

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Keeping cables nice

This week’s roundup includes a couple of accessories that solve the problem of keeping your cables un-bent and un-broken. Read on!



The Pendulum Collection is still in its Kickstarter phase, but we like the core idea: Stick your Apple Watch on the end of a chain, like a pocket watch or pendant, and rock your new-school iOS device in a very old-school way. (Next up: Google Glass is replaced by Google Monocles.)



The $9 Homtime O2 is designed to fix the problem of easily tangled, easily broken Lightning cables. The O2 is made with durable TPE that can withstand the stress of everyday use, and comes with a Velcro strap to keep the cable tangle-free.



Jackery has a whole line of new charging devices to keep your iPhone or iPad full of life. One highlight: The Jackery Air 6 is billed as “the world’s thinnest external rechargeable battery.” It adds 20 hours of talk time to your iPhone, making it perfect for long flights or road trips. 



The $129 iPad leather carrying case is made of Brazilian leather and features both a sturdy handle and removable shoulder strap. The interior includes a sewn-in hard shell and soft-padding to keep your iPad protected and stylish. 



PowerGo-Go is a new lineup of accessories that include, among other items, a $17 charging cable, $40 charging cradle (pictured), and $40 power bank. Check them all out!



The $130 Sphero SPRK Edition is designed to “inspire a love of robotics, coding, and STEM principles… all through play.” Download the app to your phone, then program it—using the C-based language called OVAL—to make your spherical robot move. 



The $80 StandCharger has seven iOS charging ports, each port capable of delivering 2.4 amps, to create one of the fastest charging devices around. It’s built especially for offices, schools, and any other location requiring multiple tablets.



The $7 Tudia snap-on cable protector “covers the sensitive area where the charging cable meets the charging plug to prevent the charging cable from easily bending.” The makers claim it reduces bending and breaking of your Lightning cables by 80 percent.



X-Doria has a couple of new Apple Watch accessories:  The $30 Defense Edge features an aluminum protective case; the $50 Lux Band (pictured) is, well, a pretty nice leather band.

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