The Week in Mac apps: Dress Assistant helps you look fabulous everywhere you go

In this week’s roundup of new Mac apps, you’ll find tools to keep your wardrobe in check, make your music sound great, and even find that almost-lost file.

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Dress Assistant makes you look fabulous everywhere you go

In this week’s roundup of new Mac apps, you’ll find tools to keep your wardrobe in check, make your music sound great, and even find that almost-lost file.


Dress Assistant 5.2

Figuring out what to wear just got a lot easier, thanks Software de Arte’s $20 Dress Assistant (Mac App Store Link).

With this app, you can catalog your entire wardrobe and then pair up different items of clothing to build the perfect outfit for every day—and even prepare packing lists for your next vacation. (The developer must be a fan of Cher Horowitz’s infamous closet from Clueless.)


Fidelia 1.6.1

Audiofile Engineering’s $30 Fidelia (Mac App Store Link) is a high-end audio player designed for serious listeners.

The app supports a large variety of audio formats, offers a great-looking user interface, and uses advanced algorithms that will provide the best sound quality possible for your specific set of speakers.


Instastats 2.0

It’s never a bad idea to keep an eye on what’s happening behind the scenes of your Mac—and developer Venkatramanan Krishnamani’s $3 Instastats makes that task both easy and pleasant.

The app shows you a variety of data on the state of your computer, including processor and memory usage, disk and network status, and much more—all displayed using a set of great-looking and colorful visualizations.


OCRKit 2.14

If you deal with a lot of scanned documents, you should give ExactCODE’s $40 OCRKit (Mac App Store Link) a try.

Dubbed “the fastest OCR for Mac,” the app can process large quantities of scanned images and automatically recognize the text in them. The resulting documents can be saved in a variety of formats, including PDF, HTML, and even plain text.


Photo Slideshow Maker Pro

Photography enthusiast? Let DFAV Team’s Photo Slideshow Maker Pro turn your shots into beautiful animated videos.

The app features a ton of transition effects, can synchronize images to your favorite music, and exports everything to movies that can be shared with your friends or added to your iTunes library.


Pixave 1.0.3

LittleHJ’s $10 Pixave helps you manage your images and photos—and get inspired by them.

The app automatically organizes all the files you send to it using a variety of automated mechanisms that you can later use to search by features like colors, tags, and much more.


Switch 1.6.2

Telestream’s Switch (Mac App Store Link) is the ultimate utility for serious video producers.

The app—free with a pro version available as a $50 in-app purchase—allows you to perform a number of quality checks on your media files to make sure that frame rates are consistent, size and crop are accurate, and subtitles are properly synchronized. When you’re ready to go, Switch can also help you package your files for distribution on the iTunes store.


Trickster 2.3.3

Tired of looking for that file you just used but whose name you can’t quite remember? Apparent Software’s $10 Trickster (Mac App Store Link) to the rescue!

The app keeps a running list of recently-open files, and allows you to quickly look through and search your data history at the click of a mouse.


Zulu Masters 3.52

Let loose a few beats with NCH Software’s $50 Zulu Masters (Mac App Store Link), the perfect virtual DJ mixing software for your Mac.

The app features automatic beat sync, realtime pitch and tempo adjustment, auto-play with seamless hands-off mixing, and all the features you expect from a modern professional audio production workstation.

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