The Week in iOS Accessories: Tripods, big and small

This week's roundup includes a tripod so small it can fit in your wallet—and one that can reach more than six feet in height. Read on!

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Tripods, big and small

This week’s roundup includes a tripod so small it can fit in your wallet—and one that can reach more than six feet in height. Read on!  

isp5 smartplug


The $40 iSP5 SmartPlug lets you “control small appliances up to 1800 watts or under, including lights, window air conditioners, fans, portable heaters, coffee makers, home audio systems and more” using voice commands on devices running iOS 8 or later. You’ll need the iHome Control app to run the system. 



The $50 Tab is a lapdesk that displays your iPad while letting you work on other items. It comes in versions made for both right- and left-handers, and is made of bamboo inlaid with an acrylic whiteboard. 

wood camera tripod e58d


The $290 Expedition Wooden Tripod is built in Germany and made “to last a generation.” It’s made of sustainably harvested ash wood, cured over two years, and extends from just under 21 inches to nearly 75 inches in height. It features the standard quarter-inch tripod mount and holds up to 26 pounds—far more than needed for your iPhone or iPad.


Pocket Tripod

The Pocket Tripod is a credit-card sized device that folds out into a stand for your iPhone. It holds your phone in a reclining position, letting you watch videos, make FaceTime calls, and generally work hands-free.

satechi aluminum power strip


I got the power! The $40 Aluminum Power Strip includes four USB power ports, plus four regular AC power outlets, making it easy to keep both your smart and dumb devices charged at an instant.

10 usb port charger for stand iphone ipad


The $130 10-Port Super USB Charger is everything the name describes. It charges up to ten USB devices simultaneously from one wall outlet—keeping clutter out of offices, classrooms, and even your family’s living room.



The idea of virtual reality headsets is at once futuristic and retro—like something out of The Lawnmower Man. The $49 Vude Smartphone VR Headset lets you play games on your iOS device—but instead of squinting your eyes at a small screen, you’ll be seemingly immersed in gameplay. This is an Indiegogo project; the makers say they need $11,000 to begin production.

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