The Week in iOS Accessories: PhoneSoap charges and sanitizes your iPhone

This week's roundup of accessories includes a device we'd never before considered: One that cleans your phone while charging it. Check out PhoneSoap and the rest of the week's accessories.

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Charging and sanitizing your phone

This week’s roundup of accessories includes a device we’d never before considered: One that cleans your phone while charging it. Check out PhoneSoap and the rest of the week’s accessories.



The $199 RCSU Utility Power Pack can recharge your iPhone, your iPad—or your car’s battery. “With the power below 25 percent, its 10,000-mAh battery is capable of starting the average car over 50 times by delivering 400A jump current.” But mostly it’s for your mobile devices; it has two USB ports so you can charge your iPhone and iPad at the same time.



The $30 Dock for Apple Watch is “minimal, attractive, and functional,” featuring microsuction capabilities that hold the charging cable and dock itself in place while your watch revives overnight. The silicone cover is available in black, blue, and white. 



The $20 Selfy bike mount clamps your iPhone to your bike’s handlebars, so “you can record all the incredible moments of your journey, whether it’s a bike ride through the park or a motorcycle trip across the country.” The pivoting arm lets you adjust the phone to any angle you need. 



The $199 Sound Cover is an iPad smart cover with built-in stereo Bluetooth speakers, letting you play your music or movies over the system wirelessly. The “ultra-thin” device boosts the iPad volume by 400 percent; it’s build for the iPad Air 1 and 2. 



The $60 PhoneSoap Charger is a product we didn’t actually know we needed until now. “PhoneSoap Charger is proud to be the first and only cell phone charger that cleans and sanitizes your phone while it charges.” It bathes your phone in bacteria-killing ultraviolet light, cleaning the device without subjecting it to water or chemicals.



The $30 StrikeLine rugged LED Lightning cable has features other Lightning cables don’t, including an LED light that lets you know when your iOS device is done charging, and an “overmolded” grip that reduces wear and tear on the cable itself. 



The $40 Six-in-one car charger lets you repurpose your car’s cigarette lighter, offering a USB port, a 2,000-mAh power bank, LED flashlight, flashing red light, emergency window breaker, and emergency seatbelt cutter. 



The $15 Colors is an Apple Watch sports band, available in multiple colors and featuring buttons—also in multiple colors—that can be swapped out, mixed and matched, to help you create the style you choose. 



The $70 Stilo stylus reputedly works with all kinds of apps—for note-taking, drawing, handwriting and more. The 1.9-mm tip “works without delay, lag, or skipping.”

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