The Week in iOS Accessories: Kosta is a different kind of Apple Watch stand

This week's accessories includes the Kosta, an Apple Watch "stand" that lets your device lay on its side. Read on!

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A different kind of Apple Watch stand

This week’s accessories includes the Kosta, an Apple Watch “stand” that lets your device lay on its side. Read on!



The $50 Snap 6 is an iPhone 6 case that offers the phone’s camera something you might be missing: An actual shutter button. The device adds a bit more bulk to your already-bulky phone, but the tradeoff will be worth it to some iOS shutterbugs. It’s unclear whether or not this case will work with the upcoming iPhone 6s. 



The $15 Kosta is a “charging coaster” for your Apple Watch—different from most of the stands that we’ve seen, in that it doesn’t hang your watch to be displayed, but rather lets it charge while lying gently on its side.

echo connect key


The $30 Connect Key is a Y-shaped device with a USB connector on bottom, a micro-USB connector on one branch, and a Lightning connector on the other. Now you can charge and sync just about any device at all while on the go.

spatia spatia airplay speaker 3959


The $400 Spatia system is “a wireless AirPlay sound system that fills your house with spacious, high-fidelity sound. With its chic cabinet design, meticulous craftsmanship and elegant controls, it blends in naturally with any home decor.” 



The Remora is a stitched-leather stylus holder that securely attaches to the iPad’s Smart Cover. It’s still in the Kickstarter fund-raising stage, but looks to easily make its goal—a $20 pledge can still nab you one of these items. 

watch stand


The $30 Apple Watch Stand attaches to the side of your iMac—letting you display your watch prominently while it charges.



The $119 Solartab brings renewable energy—enough to power your iPhone in 90 minutes, or your iPad in four hours. Sound too long? At least the sun won’t bill you for the energy you use.



The $40 Touch Mini Boombox plugs directly into your iPhone and amplifies the music you’re listening to—or a video you’re watching, if you’re so inclined. It’s powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, and it’s small enough to throw in a bag and pull out whenever you need to provide tunes on the go.


Wren Sound

The $499 V5US “combines AirPlay, Play-Fi and Bluetooth to provide a world of high-fidelity streaming music from any smartphone, tablet or computer.” It features two 3-inch throw drivers with 4-layer voice coils, with 50 watts of power providing support to fill your whole room with music.

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