The Week in Mac Apps: iAWriter 3 brings more focus to distraction-free writing

In this week’s roundup of new Mac apps, you’ll find a way to keep your notes and audio in sync, a tool for sharing whatever is on your pasteboard, and everything you need to turn your kid into a pro writer.

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Writing tools for you and for your little ones

In this week’s roundup of new Mac apps, you’ll also find a way to keep your notes and audio in sync, a tool for sharing whatever is on your pasteboard, and everything you need to turn your kid into a pro writer.


Appresenter Studio 1.0.1

Min60’s $50 Appresenter Studio (Mac App Store Link) is aimed squarely at developers who want to make their marketing materials look great.

The app allows you to create photorealistic 3D renderings of your software running on a variety of hardware, turning a humdrum screenshot into a perfect presentation.


AudioNote 4.0.1

Luminant Software’s $5 AudioNote (Mac App Store Link) lets you take notes alongside an audio recording, and later play back the two synchronized against each other. 

Perfect for school and meetings, the app features an intuitive user interface, and supports notes in the form of text, graphical elements, and even PowerPoint presentations.


CloudClip Manager 1.3

Thinkbitz’s CloudClip Manager (Mac App Store Link) allows you synchronize your pasteboard across different devices using iCloud.

The app supports sharing up to 50 pasteboard items, including text, images, sounds, and videos, and comes with a companion iOS app that lets you sync your data with your iPad and iPhone.


GraphCalcPro 1.0

Developer Joseph Baraga’s $1 GraphCalcPro turns your Mac into a 2D graphing calculator—the perfect tool for your (or your kid’s) daily math homework.

The app supports many advanced functions, including trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic calculations, and features an interactive graphing window that lets you adjust your output until it’s just right.


iA Writer 3.0

A new version of iA Labs’s popular iA Writer (Mac App Store Link) is out, with tons of new features and a user interface that’s more streamlined than ever.

The $20 app features a user experience that provides a distraction-free writing environment, is compatible with the popular Markdown format, and can sync your documents across multiple devices over Dropbox.


Kids Room Design 5D 1.0.3

Whether you’re preparing a bedroom for a child on the way or finally getting around to that cowboy-themed design your five-year-old has been begging for, Planner5D’s $10 Kids Room Design 5D can help you visualize and decorate your kid’s room with style.

The app supports a variety of themes and decor ideas, and offers a 3D view that gives you an idea of what things will look like before you start up your power tools and bust out the paint.


KidWriter 1.2.0

Scruffy Apps’ $6 KidWriter (Mac App Store Link) will help your children become budding authors as they piece together their very own stories.

The app offers functionality built for kids of all ages—from the ability to compose stories using pictures for the young ones, to a more serious word processor for those who are starting to master their vocabulary.


Smart Renamer 1.0

As good as Apple’s Finder is, it has its limitations—and these become painfully obvious every time you need to perform some kind of batch operation.

Luckily, Everyday Tools’s $5 Smart Renamer can alleviate some of the pain by helping you quickly rename a large set of files according to the rules of your choosing.


Story2Go Interactive Book Creator 2.0

BookAffect’s $4 Story2Go Interactive Book Creator allows you to turn your stories into interactive ebooks.

The app takes input in the form of text files, word processor documents, images, and vides, and outputs beautiful books in PDF and HTML5 compatible with Apple’s iBooks, and even iOS apps that you can package and redistribute.

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