The Week in iOS Accessories: A new remote for Apple TV

This week's roundup includes a new remote that takes advantage of Apple TV's new capabilities. Siri, are you listening?

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A new remote for Apple TV

This week’s roundup includes a new remote that takes advantage of Apple TV’s new capabilities. Siri, are you listening?

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The latest version of Apple TV, of course, will include searches using Siri, as well as features that position the machine as a gaming console. The $20 Survivor Play for Siri Remote is built for both purposes, featuring a microphone button that lets you do voice searches, while being made with “impact-absorbing silicone” to take the brunt of gaming uses. No word on when the device will be available for shipping. 



The $28 WordLock laptop lock lets you secure your MacBook to your work station. The distinguishing feature? Your passcode to unlock is a four-letter word that you choose, making it easier to remember when the time comes to pick up and move on. 



Dropped your iPhone into the pool? You may be able to save it. The EVAP Wet Electronics Rescue Pouch lets you sandwich your phone between two silica pouches, sealed in a “rescue pouch” for six to 24 hours. Results aren’t guaranteed, but Kensington claims this method is 700 percent more effective than using the old rice method.



The $40 Proximo Key Fob Bluetooth Tracker “acts as a 24/7 guardian, alerting you when Fob passes a preset distance limit. … Find It with a simple touch on the App screen to sound the alarm and locate your missing item.” It’s like “Find My iPhone” for all your other stuff. The $25 Proximo Tag Bluetooth Tracker is also available.



The $20 Smart Thermometer plugs into your iPhone’s headphone jack and relays temperature information directly to an app on your iOS device. The makers say: “Tapping into the smartphone’s power, processing and display also means there are virtually no electronics inside—and no batteries are required—so the thermometer is extremely lightweight and durable for carrying with you, and is always ready for use.” 



The $230 Livescribe 3 Moleskine Edition smartpen “records audio that’s synchronized with your written notes using the mics on your smartphone or tablet.” You’ll need the Livescribe+ app to instantly sync everything you write on paper directly onto your iPhone or iPad. It’s one of the best ways around to transform written notes into digital information.

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The $80 Pod Pro includes a 6,000-mAh battery that can power your Apple Watch and iPhone both at the same time. It ships October 30. Nomad is also offering the new $119 Strap for Apple Watch (pictured) shipping October 15.

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Pad & Quill

The $90 Timber Nightstand for your Apple Watch comes in cherry or walnut, and features an extra slot to hold keys, jewelry, other other watch bands. Best of all? It’s handmade in Minneapolis. 


Pure Gear

The $40 PureJuice portable charger is a 5000-mAh backup battery that stays cool—it features heat-resistant technology—while recharging your iOS device. A 10,000-mAh version is $60; pay $80 for the 16,000-mAh model.

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