The Week in iOS Apps: New in the news

This week's roundup contains a couple of apps—Texture and Vizo—that offer new ways of reading the news. Read on!

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News apps, video apps, and more

This week’s roundup contains a couple of apps—Texture and Vizo—that offer new ways of reading the news. Read on!


Box Capture

Box Capture is a free picture-sharing iOS app being pitched mostly for workplace use—snap a picture of a whiteboard, or of some object you consider inspirational, and you can share with your “team” for further consideration and action. You can segregate personal pics from work photos, then add comments and context to the pictures (or video) you want to share, and move to the next agenda item quickly.



Go90 is for Verizon users—although some content is available to everybody—that lets users watch TV, live sports, and music, plus plenty of video content from the web. And of course it has a social component, letting users share clips for fun.



Invite is a new Microsoft app that lets you schedule meetings from your phone. “First, you suggest times when you’re available. Then invitees pick the times that work for them. The best option stands out from the crowd. When it’s decided, send the invite and get the event on everyone’s calendars.”


Seedling Comic Studio

Seedling Comic Studio allows you to create your own comic book using a mix of your own pictures with the app’s custom background and stickers. It comes with three different storytelling “themes” for free, with more available for in-app purchases of $1 each.



The Next Issue magazine app has evolved into Texture. The subscription-based app—a sort of Netflix for magazines—used to show digital mockups of the print magazine. Now it’s becoming something more native to digital: The app’s emphasis is on single articles instead of full issues, with a priority given to multimedia elements that can accompany those articles. You can start reading for a one-month free trial; subscriptions start at $10 a month.



The developers say “Just five minutes a day with Vizo is all you need to stay on top of the world.” The app takes stories from publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph, and The Guardian, and condenses them into 400-to-600-word summaries. Want to know more about a story? Click the link and go to the full source. 


Zen Brush 2

The $3 Zen Brush 2 app has been updated with a number of new features, including a “new drawing engine that brings to life a feeling of silky fluent painting and the delicacy of an ink brush.” Zen.



Wondermall shopping app has made a number of changes in its latest iteration, but the biggest addition in this version is peace of mind: You know have to enter a PIN code before completing a purchase—thus avoiding, or for iPhone users in particular, the dreaded “butt purchase of luxury items.” Like the butt dial, only more expensive.


Others of note

Viber (pictured) has improved video messaging… Google Maps is available on the Apple Watch… Tweetbot 4 now offers iPad support… My NBA 2K16 launched as a companion to the console game.

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