The Week in iOS Accessories: Kensington devices feature versatility

This week's roundup of accessories includes two new devices from Kensington that prize versatility above nearly all as chief virtues. Read on!


Versatility rules

This week’s roundup of accessories includes two new devices from Kensington that prize versatility above nearly all as chief virtues. Read on!



The $20 Slim Cable features a reversible USB connector that ensures you’re getting plugged in the first time, every time. It’s attached to a 6.6-foot long cord with a Lightning connector at the other end, for freedom and flexibility in charging and syncing.


Fuz Designs

The $50 EverDock is designed to accommodate all your iOS devices—including the old ones—and even a few non-iOS devices: It’s built to handle Lightning, 30-pin, and micro-USB connectors, so you can dock any phone to it. The $70 EverDock Duo adds an extra slot so you can charge a tablet and phone at the same time. 



The $200 Hero+ is the latest GoPro camera—the better to show friends your surfing and skateboarding adventures—and it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity built in, letting you use your iPhone’s GoPro app to control the video action.



The $20 iBamboo Speaker is, uh, an iPhone amplifier made from bamboo. What makes it unique? They’re all unique: “Since bamboo is a natural material, no two iBamboos are alike,” the makers say. “Every piece has the same functional parameters, but each one is unique in its appearance and beauty.”



Often, the big difference between competing products in a category of iOS accessories boils down to design. Which leads us to observe: The $30 Rainbow Bridge Apple Watch Stand is different from other Apple Watch stands: It’s in the shape of an arch. If that’s your thing, go buy!



Given the uncountable number of iOS devices floating around our households, we can’t help but love accessories that offer help for an entire family. Kensington’s 4-Port Charger fits the bill, with each port providing 2.4 amps of power, so that you get a speedy charge.



It seems Kensington wants to highlight its versatility this week. The $60 Switchable Keyboard is built to be used as a wireless keyboard with both iOS and Mac devices. “The keyboard is full-sized and includes a numeric keypad, providing you a professional typing experience whether you are using it with a PC, tablet or smartphone,” the makers say.



The $200 Circle is basically a really cool nanny-cam—one that provides clear views even in the dark, as well as a 30-second time-lapse replay of the day, every day. And yes, you can also watch live HD video via your iOS device.

photojojo wireless mighty mic


The $100 Wireless Mighty Mic makes your iPhone sound better. “To start recording, just pair the Mighty Mic with your iPhone via Bluetooth. Open up your favorite video recording app and start rolling! Plug in your headphones to hear your sound being recording in real time. After you’ve captured your masterpiece, charge the Mic up with the included USB cord.”

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