The Week in Mac apps: Moxtra makes team communication easier

In this week's roundup of new Mac apps, we bring you great tools for managing your time and communicating with your team, software for getting focused, and much more.

00 intro, other great communication tools

In this week’s roundup of new Mac apps, we bring you great tools for managing your time, software for getting focused, and much more.


Blur 1.0

It’s amazing how much life a little post-processing can inject into your pictures. Case in point, RewDevApps’s $2 Blur helps you create stunning memories with the click of your mouse.

As its name subtly suggests, the app specializes in blur filters, and comes with tons of options that can turn even the most humdrum photo into a masterpiece.


Calendar 2 2.0

Qbix’s Calendar 2 (Mac App Store Link) supercharges your digital appointment book with all kinds of neat features.

The app sits quietly in your menu until called upon, at which point it shows your upcoming appointments, reminders, the local weather, and much more—all in a fully-customizable interface that supports different views and themes.


HazeOver 1.5

Developer Maxim Ananov’s $4 HazeOver (Mac App Store Link) helps you focus on the task at hand.

The app dims all but the topmost window on your Mac’s desktop, quickly highlighting whatever your working on, and sending all the other distractions to the background where they belong.


The Hit List 1.1.16

Karelia Software’s $50 The Hit List (Mac App Store Link) helps you stay on top of your busy life.

The app brings all your to-dos, tasks, reminders, and projects together into a single interface that tracks everything for you, leaving you free to get things done quickly and efficiently.


Moxtra 2.10.1

Got team management woes? Give Moxtra (Mac App Store Link) a try.

This free app comes jam-packed with useful team communication features, including chat, collaboration tools, and all kinds of integration with other services like Github, Jira, Paypal, and more.


Oh My Schedule Pro 1.0

It ain’t easy being a student—but IT Top’s $5 Oh My Schedule! can ease the pain of managing your class workload and study assignments.

The app allows you to enter and arrange your schedule and set up reminders for all your homework, tests, and extracurricular activities using a simple, color-coded interface that makes keeping track of everything a breeze.


Papercraft4 3D 2.0

Love building things? Developer Aleksandr Varaksa’s $40 Papercraft4 3D helps you turn your photos into three-dimensional paper models of everything from your favorite car to your dream house.

The app turns four images of any real-life object into a foldable model that you can print directly from your home or office printer, and then fold and glue them together to make a realistic creation.


Storyist 3.2

The $60 Storyist (Mac App Store Link) takes all the drudge out of writing your next great book.

The app allows you to organize your story, characters, and scenes, type out your manuscript, and prepare galleys. It also works just as well for a less… literary opus, like, say, that report that’s been sitting in your to-do list for a month.


White Noise 6.0

The world can be unforgiving to those who are trying to catch some alone time—unless, that is, you have TMSOFT’s $5 White Noise (Mac App Store Link) running on your Mac.

The app brings dozens of high-quality ambient sounds designed to drown the environmental noise around you and help you focus on your work, relax and space out, or just forget about the world for a while.

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