The Week in Mac Apps: Annotate everything with Ink2Go

In this week's roundup of new Mac apps, we bring you software that lets you literally draw anywhere, training and fitness programs for all levels, and a handy new way to play and discover music.

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Annotate everything with Ink2Go

In this week’s roundup of new Mac apps, we bring you software that lets you literally draw anywhere, training and fitness programs for all levels, and a handy new way to play and discover music.


Car Manager 1.05

Kiwi Objects’ $5 Car Manager (Mac App Store Link) helps you keep tabs on your car’s every last detail.

The app tracks things like fuel consumption, mileage, maintenance, and insurance requirements—basically everything you need to keep your wheels in tip-top shape.


Go to Study 1.0

IT Top’s Go to Study is designed to help students stay on top of their assignments and class workloads.

The app tracks classes, homework, and projects using a simple color-coded diary that makes it easy to hit your due dates and get everything done on time.


Ink2Go 1.7.20

EyePower 2015’s $20 Ink2Go (Mac App Store Link) allows you to annotate any existing window on your desktop—including those that belong to other programs.

The app supports all kinds of tools, including highlighters, drawing pencils, and even text bubbles, and lets you export and save your doodles at the click of a mouse.


iSmartTrain 4.0.7

Yellow Field Technologies’s $50 iSMARTtrain (Mac App Store Link) is designed for serious athletes looking to improve their game.

The app helps you meet specific goals by creating a training schedule, tracking your progress, and visualizing your results. You can enter all your data manually, or by synchronizing with one of several supported personal fitness tracking devices.


KCals Calorie Counter 1.9.10

When you’re trying to lose those few extra pounds, every little bit helps. Kcals’ $4 Calorie Counter (Mac App Store Link) helps you keep track of your caloric intake and expenditures using an innovative approach.

Rather than giving you a daily caloric allotment, the app displays a simulation of your metabolism in realtime, helping you make better eating decisions as you go through your day.


Momentum Habit Tracker 1.1

Old habits die hard, but good habits need your full attention—and that’s what Momentum (Mac App Store Link) is built for.

This free app helps you identify all those activities that make a productive contribution to a healthy and happy life—like exercising and reading—and then helps you apply them to your daily routine. Thanks to a companion iOS app, you can even synchronize all your data to your iPhone and Apple Watch.

raindrop 1.1.8

Developer Mussabekov Rustem’s tracks your favorite content from across the web—images, text, documents, URLs, and more.

The app can grab content from webpages and other programs running on your Mac and organizes them using collections and tags that can be easily searched upon. Thanks to its support for iCloud, it also makes sharing all the content across your devices a breeze.


Skeebus 1.1.1

13Cubed’s Skeebus (Mac App Store Link) is a handy utility that shows your current public IP address on the menu bar.

The app is useful whenever you need to pass the public identity of your network to outside services like VPNs and dynamic DNS systems—and, best of all, it’s completely free.


Squidoo 1.0.0

Americo Trading’s $4 Squidoo (Mac App Store Link) helps you find and control music on your Mac.

Designed to work alongside the most popular music apps, including iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio, Squidoo lets you control playback from the menu, broadcast and play songs over the network, and even helps you discover new music based on your listening history.

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