The Week in Mac Apps: Turn every photo into art with Intensify

This week's roundup of new Mac apps features tools for image and photo management, utilities that streamline how you spend time at your desk, and a great way to safely share files with everyone.

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This week's roundup of new Mac apps features tools for image and photo management, utilities that streamline how you spend time at your desk, and a great way to safely share files with everyone.


The Clock 3.0.1

Let developer Fabrice Leyne’s $5 The Clock (Mac App Store Link) give you the time of day—and then some.

The app brings together a great-looking world clock with a daily scheduler and a series of complications that give you instant access to everything you need—your personal calendar, quick information about your teammate’s time zones, and more.


Diagram Author 2.0

New Technologies’ $10 Diagram Author gives new meaning to the age-old expression “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

With this app, you can use your existing data to create beautiful-looking piecharts, histograms, and line diagrams that you can export and share with friends and colleagues.


Intensify 1.2.1

Macphun’s $13 Intensify (Mac App Store Link) uses a set of sophisticated algorithms to turn ho-hum photos into beautiful memories.

The app comes with a series of filters and presets designed to bring out the best in every photo, thanks to techniques like HDR, detail enhancement, sharpness, and more.


Maxel 1.22.5

Developer Chris Li’s $8 Maxel (Mac App Store Link) helps make large downloads easier to digest for your Mac.

The app splits up large files into multiple streams to maximize your bandwidth, automatically manages your download queue, and can resume interrupted activity when your network drops or your computer restarts.



The team behind Minbox, a cloud-based system designed to make sharing files with your friends and colleagues easy, has just released a Mac app that brings their service directly to your desktop.

The app sits quietly in the background until you call upon it to grab content from your screen, filesystem, or pasteboard; it then uploads it and makes it available for you to send on to the other members of your Minbox team. Minbox is compatible with other programs like Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote, and OneDrive, unifying all of your cloud-based file sharing systems. 


Pixave 1.0.5

LittleHJ’s $10 Pixave helps you keep all your images organized with a sleek and intuitive user interface.

The app can collect pictures and photos from a variety of sources, and lets you organize them according to a variety of criteria, including tags and color dominance.


ScreenFloat 1.5.12

Eternal Storms’ $7 ScreenFloat (Mac App Store Link) allows you to create “floating screenshots” that are always visible on your desktop.

The app lets you easily compare images, webpages, different versions of your documents, and more, offering a simple way to export them as well. It also keeps a running history of your screenshots.


SiteSucker 2.7.4

Rick Cranisky’s $5 SiteSucker (Mac App Store Link) captures and downloads entire websites onto your hard drive for archival and backup purposes.

The aptly-named app duplicates the structure of a website locally on your Mac, giving you an easy and convenient way to get your hands on HTML files, PDF documents, images, and more.


Trickster 2.3.4

Apparent Software’s $10 Trickster (Mac App Store Link) serves up a collection of your recently- and most-used files to help boost your productivity.

The app keeps tabs on your file activity, and lets you access each file quickly through its menu-based interface. It also supports searches, allows you to organize files by category, and provides custom filtering capabilities.

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