Typeeto review: Magic software keyboard for all of your mobile devices

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There are many third-party accessories for attaching hardware keyboards to iOS devices, from iPad cases to Logitech’s multi-device K480 wireless keyboard, on down to that bizarre BlackBerry knockoff for the iPhone courtesy of Ryan Seacrest. But why purchase dedicated hardware only to have it become obsolete with new models next year when your existing Mac keyboard can be used instead?

typeeto in menu bar

Typeeto works from the menu bar, where connected devices can be selected for text entry from the Mac keyboard.

One keyboard to rule them all

Typeeto is a clever little piece of OS X software that allows existing Mac keyboards to be used with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android smartphones or tablets, Apple TV, or most any device capable of pairing over Bluetooth, including game consoles. No special software is required on the receiving end—simply pair with your Mac, and Typeeto recognizes and adds these gadgets to the list of available devices.

Select a device from the menu bar or use an assigned custom keyboard shortcut to quickly switching between them. Once connected, a small window appears on the Mac screen with animation that confirms input is being sent to the selected device; text entry happens in real time without noticeable lag, as if the keyboard was connected directly.

typeeto connected

When adding a device for the first time, Typeeto automatically connects and recognizes the device using Bluetooth.

Because Typeeto uses a Mac Bluetooth connection, any keyboard can be used, including my aging MacAlly IceKey, a wired, full-sized USB model. I also tested it with a Logitech K400 Plus, a wireless PC-to-TV combo that connects via USB Unifying receiver, which also worked great in keyboard mode (but not with the attached trackpad, naturally).

Remote typing

Like other Bluetooth-connected devices, Typeeto works within a range of approximately 32 feet. Although the software can theoretically connect to an unlimited number of devices, Bluetooth itself is limited to eight connections at a time. With iOS and Android, it’s worth noting the initial connection should be initiated from the device itself for best results.

typeeto device active

While a device is active, a small window appears on the Mac display to confirming it’s in use, with animation as text is entered on the keyboard.

Typeeto automatically picks up the name of added devices, but these can be changed to whatever you’d like from the app preferences. Other settings include white or black color themes, the option to remove the app icon from Dock, or turn off sound effects, which offer audible feedback when a connection is made. The Option-Command-V shortcut can be used to paste text copied on the Mac side directly to the device, while Command-V works for pasting current device clipboard contents.

Speaking of sound effects, I found that holding keys down too long while Typeeto is active caused the Mac to incorrectly trigger a repeated alert sound, although it didn’t interfere with anything on the device side. I did find a potential Bluetooth software conflict in my testing, which seemed to disconnect the Knock app whenever Typeeto was activated, although other devices like my Magic Trackpad 2 continued to work without issue.

typeeto devices

If you prefer a different device name, Typeeto can customize that and more from the app preferences.

Bottom line

If you spend most of your day near a Mac, Typeeto is a great investment that beats paying for separate mobile keyboard accessories for each device. The normal price is a bit steep (regularly priced at $20), but absolutely worth it at the current limited time sale pricing, even for occasional use.

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At a Glance
  • Eltima Software Typeeto

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