The Week in Mac Apps: Writing Challenge helps cure your writer's block

In this week's roundup of new Mac apps, we've got a couple of apps to help you with your NaNoWriMo deadlines—one that helps you get out of your head and focus, and a writing tool that takes a different approach to editing corrections. Read on!

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... plus disk cleaning apps, photo editors, and more!

In this week’s roundup of new Mac apps, we’ve got a couple of apps to help you with your NaNoWriMo deadlines—one that helps you get out of your head and focus, and a writing tool that takes a different approach to editing corrections. Read on!


Dapper 2.24

If your entire musical world doesn’t happen to revolve around Apple’s ecosystem, Map-Pin’s $20 Dapper (Mac App Store Link) might be worth a look.

The app allows you to transfer music from your hard drive—including, of course, tracks from your iTunes library—to third-party music players that can be connected to your Mac. Dapper even takes care of the conversion for you to ensure that the content will be playable.


DiskKeeper Pro 1.4.2

Devotion8’s $1 DiskKeeper Pro (Mac App Store Link) helps you keep your hard drive tidy by removing unwanted files.

The app automatically detects file duplicates, unused data, and old app content that you can safely remove to regain much-needed space.


First Draft 1.1

If you find it hard to commit words to paper, you may want to check out 96 Problems’ First Draft (Mac App Store Link).

A cross between a text editor and a virtual typewriter, the app forgoes edits in favor of old-school strikethroughs, forcing you to focus on getting your thoughts on the page rather than endless doodling with the language. When you’re ready for a polish, you can simply switch to a more traditional editing environment, clean things up, and export your content to a variety of popular formats.


iCollections 2.1

Naarak Studio’s $10 iCollections (Mac App Store Link) allows you to create “virtual folders” that reside right on top of your desktop.

The app reserves portions of your desk space and allows you to drag-and-drop all kinds of documents and apps into them, making it easier to quickly call up your favorites when you need them.


Keep Everything 2.4

Groosoft’s Keep Everything (Mac App Store Link) allows you to store just about any webpage in your Dropbox folder for later viewing.

The app works with most websites, and automatically converts content into a handy Markdown representation that saves on cloud storage and makes for easier reading on your Mac and mobile devices.


PinPoint Mouse Enhancer 3.7.11

If you like OS X El Capitan’s “mouse shake” feature, you’ll love Lagente’s $5 PinPoint Mouse Enhancer (Mac App Store Link).

The app—which works on Macs running versions of OS X all the way back to Snow Leopard—adds all kinds of highlight effects to your mouse cursor in an effort to make it easier to locate it on a busy screen. And, if you’re not a fan of the whole “shake the mouse” thing, it can even register a global key shortcut that brings the focus on the cursor without frantically flailing your fingers around.


Stitch Designer 1.0

Developer Sergey Levin’s $8 Stitch Designer (Mac App Store Link) helps you build beautiful cross-stitch patterns directly from your favorite photos.

The app is capable of converting any picture into designs of varying complexity, giving you the possibility of trading fidelity to the original in favor of simplicity and ease of execution.


Vintage Designer 2.65

JixiPix’s $8 Vintage Scene (Mac App Store Link) turns every photo into an instant classic.

The app comes jam-packed with a variety of filters and special effects that can be used to “age” a picture, from sepia tones to textures that simulate crumpled papers and scratches. Of course, you can mix and match the various tools to create pictures that combine the appeal of a vintage look with more modern effects for something more unique .


Writing Challenge 1.0

Stuck? Try Literautas’s $4 Writing Challenge to get out of your rut.

The app prompts you to create simple stories by providing starting elements like setting, characters, and structure in an attempt to ease you out of your writer’s block—the perfect companion for National Novel Writing Month.

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