The Week in Mac Accessories: Built to protect

This week's roundup includes accessories that protect your Mac—and its data—from drops, fire, and water. Read on!

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Built to protect

This week’s roundup includes accessories that protect your Mac—and its data—from drops, fire, and water. Read on!



The $30 Chatlight can fit either on your MacBook or your iOS device as a light to make sure you’re seen when you do FaceTime chats with friends and loved ones. The battery lasts 90 minutes on a single charge.



The $145 Hand-Stitched MacBook Air Portfolio is an old-fashioned piece of craftsmanship. It’s hand-stitched, made with Water Buffalo leather, and features a canvas divider to help you keep your electronics and other items organized.



You pick the Solo G3 to be your external hard drive if you want to keep your data really, really, really safe: It’s fireproof and waterproof, keeping your information intact at depths of up to ten feet of water and temperatures of up to 1,550 degrees of fire—for a little while, at least. It’s also fanless, meaning all that protection is seen and not heard.



The $80 Tray Desk “was made to rest comfortably on your lap or can be used on your desk, bed, sofa, and table. Tray Desk is compatible with Apple’s new Magic Keyboard, new Magic Trackpad 2, and Apple’s original wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad.”



Worried your MacBook will be stolen while you’re working at Starbucks? The $40 Master Keyed Combination Laptop Lock lets you select a personal four-number code from up to 10,000 possible combinations—and if you forget, don’t worry: The lock comes with a master key that will do the unlocking if your memory won’t.



Believe it or not, not everybody exists entirely in the crowd. OWC has such folks covered with the $135 Mercury Pro Blu-Ray burner with USB 3.0 and M-DISC support, offering the highest level quality of disc-based data storage.

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The $35 Type-C USB Hub Adapter  plugs directly into your new MacBook’s port, transforming a single new-style USB port into three USB 3.0 ports, an SD card slot, and a Micro SD card slot. It’s also stylish, coming in gunmetal, silver, or gold.


Urban Armor Gear

This company’s $80 military-grade protective case for 12-inch MacBooks “utilizes rubber bumpers to provide shock protection and strategically placed FrogSkin for added grip.” It might not survive a 1,500-degree fire like that ioSafe external hard drive, but you’ll certainly be able to drop your computer without too much fear.



The $100 Laptop Charger Plus plugs into the nearest outlet, then offers power to your laptop plus two other USB-connected devices at once. It’s compact—fits in your pocket—and comes in multiple colors. This device ships on December 4.

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