The Week in iOS Apps: Game on!

This week's roundup of apps includes several different games—ranging from party fun to brain-twisting puzzlers. Read on!

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Game on!

This week's roundup of apps includes several different games—ranging from party fun to brain-twisting puzzlers. Read on!



Brainstorm is a $3 iOS app that offers nine categories of game play—everything from charades to trivia to memory games and more. And it’s designed for groups: “Played in two teams of any size, it’s designed to keep players with all types of skills and interests having a blast.”


Encore Music

Encore Music isn’t another streaming music service. Instead, it’s an app that connects musicians with musicians: You can chat with them, watch their performance videos, upload your own, or even collaborate. Ready to join a band? This app makes it possible.



Forum for iPhone is the latest offering from Microsoft, and it belongs in a business setting—functioning as a sort of office “suggestion box” where executives solicit and welcome anonymous comments and recommendations of all kinds. Here’s your chance to say what you really think to your boss.



FotoSwipe is kind of like the AirDrop feature on your iOS device, except that it works across platforms, letting you easily share photos with a friend who owns (say) an Android phone. Just swipe to the intended recipient and you’re done.


The Good Dinosaur: Dino Crossing

The latest Pixar movie doesn’t come out until next week, but the app is already here: The Good Dinosaur: Dino Crossing lets you “join unlikely friends Arlo & Spot as you make your way across treacherous terrains ruled by ravenous raptors, blistering hot geysers, and more.” Don’t understand? That’s OK: In a week, it’ll be all your kid can talk about.


Leonardo's Cat

In the $3 Leonardo’s Cat app, Leonardo da Vinci cannot find one of his most important inventions. “You must help Scungilli, Leonardo’s brave and long suffering cat, as he searches the ancient city for the Automoton, negotiating ominous obstacles and terrifying traps as he goes.” There are 60 puzzle levels and, if you’re extra nerdy, the pleasure of hearing Leonardo voiced by Patrick Stewart.

realboxing2creed 1

Real Boxing 2 CREED

Yo, Adrian! The first Real Boxing app didn’t have any movie tie-ins—it merely dazzled with the intensity of its boxing. Real Boxing 2 CREED promises more of the same, only this time you can fight and train as Rocky Balboa’s protege, just like in the upcoming movie that reboots the venerable series.



The updated WoodPost lets you upload convert your iPhone photos into real-world objects: Posters, postcards, coasters and trays. You’ll have to pay for the finished product of course, but on the brightside, there are now so many ways to reprint your favorite baby pictures!


Others of note

AccuWeather has been redesigned, with added video content … Marvel FutureFight has added Jessica Jones to its roster of characters … Bing has been redesigned and expanded its search capabilities

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