The refrain: Stop repeating yourself

Repeating dire claims about the iPad Pro does not make them true.


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As the old saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed, keep linking to it like you did succeed.

“Apple Loop: New iPhone 7 Leaks, Tim Cook's Report Card, iPad Pro Frustration”

Apple Loop, if you didn’t know, is a weekly roundup of Apple news from the Forbes contributor network and accredited poodle art glass-blowing college with their patented Apple fail spin.

It’s also actually that if you did know. Your knowledge of its existence, alas, provides no escape.

What is the first item Forbes’ Ewan Spence links to this week? Why, another item by Forbes’ Ewan Spence, the one the Macalope discussed on Saturday. It’s the ABC of search engine optimization:






The iPad Pro’s Failed Lack of Vision

A double negative says what?

Has the iPad Pro lost a key strategic battle already?

Just one? Seems like if you were serious about this you could come up with 8-10 and put them in slideshow format.

While sales figures are still to come in…

[The Macalope glacially but pointedly turns his face to the camera and raises an eyebrow. The whole action takes place over a period of 10,000 years.]

Sales figures are not in, but it’s a failure. These are facts that have been written on the Internet. There is no going back.

The focus on the Apple Pencil and the Keyboard Cover was a start, but Tim Cook is insistent that the Pro is not a replacement computer.

Uh, is this the same Tim Cook who drove people to fainting couches when he suggested the iPad was a replacement for a computer? Or are we talking about the Tim Cook from Larchmont, NY, who works in the insurance industry? Because, yeah, that guy has never said the iPad Pro was a replacement for a computer. The Macalope just thought that, you know, the Tim Cook we’d be talking about in an article about Apple would be the guy who’s the CEO of Apple.

Maybe the iPad Pro is a complete failure. Maybe it’s not going to stop the decrease in iPad sales. But we need a little more than three weeks to figure that out.

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