The Week in Mac Apps: OmniFocus 2.4 brings 'due soon' reminders, push sync, and more

This week's roundup of new Mac apps brings you better ways to organize your thoughts, edit your pictures, take notes, and keep yourself entertained.

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OmniFocus 2.4 brings due soon reminders, push sync, and more

This week’s roundup of new Mac apps brings you better ways to organize your thoughts, edit your pictures, take notes, and keep yourself entertained.


Arriving 1.0

Just in time for the holidays, It’s About Time’s $2 Arriving wants to help you track all of your incoming packages.

The app supports more than one hundred courier services worldwide, keeps you up-to-date with the delivery status of your merchandise using push notifications, and can even give you a real time look at where in the world each of your packages is at any given moment.


Fileloupe 1.3.5

Corduroy Code’s $20 Fileloupe (Mac App Store Link) helps you browse through your media in style.

The app displays all of your photos and videos in one place, with a handy interface that provides advanced support for playback and viewing, and is even compatible with OS X El Capitan’s new split-view mode.


MakeIt 1.0

Struggling to get through busy days crammed with to-do’s and meetings? Everyday Tools’s $3 MakeIt can help.

The app offers a thoughtful approach to task management. It helps you get organized and track your work, providing insight into where your time goes with helpful charts and graphs.


NewsBar 3.8

Merlin Developments’s $5 NewsBar RSS reader (Mac App Store Link) brings the news straight to your desktop.

The app displays your favorite RSS and Twitter feeds in a translucent bar that is always just a click away, which lets you quickly take a peek at the news at any point during a busy day.


OmniFocus 2.4

The Omni Group’s $40 popular OmniFocus 2 (Mac App Store Link) has been updated with a host of new features, including “due soon” reminders, push sync, and improved performance.

The app allows you to record, organize, and track all your to-do’s using a variety of professional methodologies, with a focus on guiding you through a busy work and personal life.


Photo Editor 3.0

Movavi’s $15 Photo Editor (Mac App Store Link) makes quick work of turning your photos into great memories.

The app offers a set of easy-to-use tools that can filter your images to remove unwanted details, cut out subjects and paste them on a different background, enhance color quality, and much more.


Quick Recorder

Happy Tap’s Quick Recorder is always ready to take down your thoughts.

The app sits quietly in your menu until you call upon it to record your voice; it saves the resulting files to your Mac’s drive at the click of your mouse.


ScopeWorks 1.3.23

WareTo’s $8 ScopeWorks (Mac App Store Link) brings the mesmerizing world of kaleidoscopes to your Mac.

With this app, you can turn any image—and even live video from your cameras—into a beautiful real-time adventure into the world of geometric projection. When you like what you see, you can export your file into one of several image formats.


Wi-Fi Pass 1.1

Having guests over? Gerzer’s $2 Wi-Fi Pass (Mac App Store Link) generates unique, time-limited access tokens for your home or office network that they can use to browse the Internet.

The app lets you to quickly generate a temporary password that you can then send to another device over AirDrop or email. After a pre-set amount of time, the password will automatically expire, thus allowing for a good balance between ease of use and security.

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