The Week in iOS Apps: More of the same?

Think there's nothing new in the world of book-reading, weather-forecasting, or calendar apps? Think again—and read on.

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More of the same? That's not a bad thing

Think there’s nothing new in the world of book-reading, weather-forecasting, or calendar apps? Think again—and read on.


Aldiko Book Reader

It might seem like the iOS universe has more than enough book-reading apps, but now we can add Aldiko Book Reader to the mix, one of the most popular book-reading apps from the Android universe. It supports EPUB, PDF and Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks, and you can also check out library books, thanks to Overdrive support.



Speaking of offerings from other software ecosystems, Microsoft’s Cortana is now available for iPhone. Cortana is a Siri-like “personal assistant” that lets you set reminders, send email, schedule appointments, and more. It’ll even tell you a joke if you want.


Duet Display

Duet Display, the $10 offering that lets you use your iPad as a second display for your Mac, has been updated: It now officially supports the iPad Pro, and even works with the split-screen multitasking feature available on the big tablet. No matter which iPad you use, here’s some good news: The latest version of the app consumes much less power than its predecessor.


Focus by Firefox

Focus by Firefox enhances the performance of your iOS device’s Safari browser by blocking analytics, social, and advertising trackers. Now you can hide while you’re on the Internet.


Forecast - Yet Another Weather App

The $2 Forecast - Yet Another Weather App seems to have the review written right into its name, doesn’t it? Like other forecasting apps, it offers a ton of information—the temp, forecasts, and much more—in a single glance. What sets it apart? The earth-tone graphics give it an old-book feel that’s a joy to look at.



Future, a $2 offering, actually does something new with iOS calendars: “It functions like a clock with your events set around the hour dial. The 24-hour spiral timeline gives you an overview of your entire day.” Of course, this means that time is a never-ending spiral of tasks that must be completed, but perhaps it’s better not to think too existentially about it.



Kourt is the official app of Kourtney Kardashian. So, it’s time to trade your iPhones in for landlines, books, and magazines, folks. (Or don’t: The app’s snack recipes are actually kind of scrumptious—“Delish” in Kourt-speak.)


PlayStation Messages

PlayStation Messages is like Facebook Messenger, only for all your PlayStation friends. Is it good to have means of communication that narrow your pool of correspondents down to people who use the same brand as you? It’s probably harmless, actually, and hey: Gamers gotta stick together, right?


Others of note

Djay Pro (pictured) is now on the iPad … Pocket has improved its personalized reading recommendations … You can now create and manage reminders in Google Calendars. … You can buy a car through the new Beepi app … Houzz Interior Design Ideas has added a “Sketch” feature to add images and annotations to your ideas. … Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 will launch soon in beta.

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