The Week in iOS Accessories: AllDock lives up to its name

This week's roundup includes the AllDock, which can dock and recharge just about as many iOS devices as your family owns. Read on!

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Docks for all of your iOS devices

This week’s roundup includes the AllDock, which can dock and recharge just about as many iOS devices as your family owns. Read on!

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Your family probably, at this point, has more iOS devices floating around the household than you can count. AllDock offers a line of devices that do exactly what the name implies: Dock every single one of them for charging and overnight storage. AllDocks come in a range of sizes and materials: White, black, walnut, and bamboo. Prices vary, as well.


Alpha Audiotronics

The $279 Skybuds is a two part device: One part is the wireless earbuds for music and calls. The other part is a case for your iPhone that can store and charge the earbuds. And if you’re worried about losing your tiny, but expensive, earphones, never worry: The Skybuds app can help you track them to the location you left them.



Beddi is a docking station and Bluetooth speaker with an array of features that show your iPhone off in its best light. It has multiple USB charging ports, a wake-up light, one-touch Uber calling, a white-noise generator, a built-in FM radio and more. Beddi has already made its crowdsourced funding goal, so look for this to be on the market soon.



The $30 Apple Watch Wall Charger plugs directly into a wall socket and charges your Apple Watch right there. It’s not as fancy as some solutions, but this way you won’t end up stringing cables and cords all over the place.



Another product that just made its Kickstarter funding goal: The $30 Hansnap is basically an iPhone mount for your hand—making sure you’re automatically to grab videos or pictures on the fly without any danger or dropping during or in between shots. Shipping begins in mid-January.


Hudway Glass

The $49 Hudway Glass is a heads-up display for your car that uses your iPhone as the foundation of its system: The mount on your dsh show a reflection of your smartphone’s screen. The makers say: “To get the right reflection image, you need to have your smartphone screen image reversed—HUD apps offer this. You can find plenty of them in the app stores by HUD keyword.“



The $30 Pocket Spotlight “fits right into the headphone jack of any device you’re packing and pivots in two directions … Use the Pocket Spotlight for dramatic lighting indoors, or take the most flattering fireside selfie ever seen.” It even has an internal battery, meaning your phone won’t drain too quickly while the spotlight’s in use.



The Virtually Indestructible Lightning Cable by TITAN, at $35, is billed as “the last charge cable you will ever need.” That’s dubious—Apple won’t stay with the Lightning port forever, will it?—but there’s a reason for the boast: The industrial strength cable is wrapped in two layers of flexible, high-strength steel.



The $64 Tree iPhone and Apple Watch Stand is made of maple or walnut, and is a place—naturally—for both your phone and watch to repose and recharge. The makers say: “Since it is made from wood, each Tree has its own unique color and grain pattern.” You can order the stand in beige or brown.

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