The Week in Mac Apps: Boxy brings Gmail’s Inbox to OS X

In this week’s roundup of new Mac apps, we bring you better support for your music, a way to afford that new home, and many more apps for work and play. Read on!

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In this week’s roundup of new Mac apps, we bring you better support for your music, a way to afford that new home, and many more apps for work and play. Read on!



Developer Joe Pestro’s $8 Arranged brings an innovative way to display your favorite webpages on your Mac.

With this simple app, you can split your screen into a variety of different layouts and assign a different web URL to each section—a perfect solution for dashboards, demos, and presentations.


Boxy: Inbox by Gmail email client 1.0

Mourning the upcoming demise of Dropbox’s Mailbox? Francesco Di Lorenzo and Fabrizio Rinaldi’s $4 Boxy (Mac App Store Link) may just be what you’re looking for.

The app brings Google’s Inbox to your Mac, complete with a rich user interface, plus support for bundles, highlights, and reminders, and much more.


FLFileCalendar 1.0.1

Forward Loop Software’s $9 FLFileCalendar (Mac App Store Link) helps you correlate the files on your hard drive with your calendar.

The app collates and displays files based on their date, working either as a search engine, work reminder, or “file historian.” It works both with built-in drives and any external storage devices you may have, with the option to select specific folders to speed up indexing operations.


Gear for Google Play and YouTube 2.2.20

If you love Google Play Music and YouTube but are less enthralled with their web-based interfaces, developer Zsolt Szatmári’s $6 Gear (Mac App Store Link) brings native support for them to your Mac.

The app provides full support for all of Google Play’s features, including curated radios, media uploads, equalizers, offline mode, and much more. It’s even compatible with OS X’s Notification Center for quick access to your music any time you need it.


Impresso Pro 1.5.0

Looking to spice up your photos? JixiPix Software’s $50 Impresso Pro (Mac App Store Link) turns them into veritable works of art.

The app applies special filters that turn your images into beautiful paintings, from soft-focus renderings to full-blown impressionist masterpieces—all at the click of your mouse.


Mortgage Modeler 1.0

Mortgages are never fun (unless, of course, you happen to be the bank), but VisiModel $1 Mortgage Modeler (Mac App Store Link) can help you make a sound financial decision with just a few steps.

The app lets you model any number of borrowing scenarios until you find the one that fits your budget and needs. It supports both traditional and ARM mortgages, interim payments, accelerated repayment schedules, and more.


Purple Notes 2.3

Developer Sergey Bolshedvorsky’s $10 Purple Notes (Mac App Store Link) lets you collect and catalog all your notes.

In addition to supporting rich text and all kinds of media, the app can organize your data in a variety of ways, features a full-text search function, and synchronizes with its iOS counterpart over iCloud.


Site Monitor 1.0.0

Looking for a simple way to make sure your website is up and running? Peritum’s $1 Site Monitor (Mac App Store Link) was built just for you!

This easy-to-use app sits quietly in your menu, monitoring a list of websites of your choice—and is ready to notify you when one of them becomes inaccessible due to a network problem or some other malfunction.


VirtualDJ 8 8.1

Spin your tables and get your groove going with Atomix Productions’s VirtualDJ 8 (Mac App Store Link)!

This beautiful app brings a powerful DJ platform right to your Mac, with support for external turntables, cross-fading and beat-matching, interoperability with iTunes, and much more.

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