The Week in Mac Apps: Plan and manage all of your projects with inShort

In this week’s roundup of new Mac apps, you’ll find a tool that brings some flair to your folders, the keys to your next Academy Award, and the last project planning tool you’ll ever need.

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... plus, text expanders, a keyboard trick for iOS devices, and more

In this week’s roundup of new Mac apps, you’ll find a tool that brings some flair to your folders, the keys to your next Academy Award, and the last project planning tool you’ll ever need. Read on!


AndyBooks 1.9

If you run a small business on the side, Andy Bettis’s $5 AndyBooks will help you keep up with your financial obligations, without breaking the bank.

The app provides you with a handy set of ledgers in which you can record your transactions, categorize your revenues and expenses, and keep an eye on your operations.


Hides 2.1.1

Having trouble staying focused? SweetP’s $2 Hides (Mac App Store Link) will help you stay on track.

With this app, you can quickly “hide” all the windows on your screen and only allow one to be visible, thus eliminating all that distracting visual noise and making it possible for you to get some work done.


iconStiX 3.4

With Trollin’s $9 iconStiX (Mac App Store Link), your folders will never look the same again.

With this app, you can easily customize the icons associated with every one of your directories, thus making it easier to recognize data at a glance—not to mention adding a bit of flair to an otherwise mundane element of your operating system!


inShort 1.4.0

Getting organized is easy thanks to Jury Shortki’s $38 inShort (Mac App Store Link), which brings powerful project management tools to your Mac.

The app allows you to define complex, multi-layered processes using a visual interface based on flow diagrams, and then translate them into industry-standard GANNT charts that let you easily monitor their progress as they are executed.


Slugline 1.2.0

Want to write the next Oscar-winning screenplay? Act Focused Media’s $40 Slugline (Mac App Store Link) is ready to help.

The app offers a minimalistic text editing environment geared towards the performing arts, with a distraction-free, easy-to-use interface designed to help you focus on your work.


SnippetsLab 1.4.1

Renfei Song’s $7 SnippetsLab (Mac App Store Link) helps you save time by storing your frequently-used text snippets.

The app supports a wide range of programming languages, and allows you to categorize your data in many different ways to make retrieval easy and efficient.


TunesMedic 2 (Remove Duplicates, Clean, Repair & Export for iTunes) 1.9.0

It’s not spring yet, but if your iTunes library needs a bit of cleaning, Denk Alexandru’s $5 TunesMedic 2 (Mac App Store Link) is ready to help.

This handy tool lets you find and eliminate duplicate songs, remove empty playlists, clean up iOS device backups, and even export one or more tracks to your hard drive.


Typeeto: Remote full size bluetooth keyboard 1.3

Eltima Software’s $5 Typeeto (Mac App Store Link) turns your Mac into a remote keyboard that you can use with your other iOS devices.

The app uses Bluetooth to create a special profile that tricks your iPhone, iPad, and even your Apple TV into thinking that your Mac is an external keyboard, thus allowing you to control those devices without the need for dedicated hardware.


Wallcat 1.0.2

Developer Dustin Senos’s Wallcat (Mac App Store Link) brings you new desktop wallpapers every day.

The app automatically downloads and displays a different background image on your desktop daily, and even allows you to subscribe to different channels to match your taste.

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