The Week in Mac Apps: Keep an eye on your hard drives with SmartReporter

In this week’s roundup of new Mac Apps, you'll find tools to help you with that New Year’s resolution, and more.

00 intro, some nifty Menu Bar tools, and more

In this week’s roundup of new Mac Apps, you’ll find tools to help you with that New Year’s resolution, and more. Read on!


Apps Usage 1.0.0

Curious to see if your children are playing too many games? Tudor Cazangiu’s $2 Apps Usage lets you quickly figure out how much time has been spent using each app on your Mac.

Accessible from the Menu Bar, the app supports both light and dark mode, and stores all your information locally to protect your privacy.


Brickstructions 1.0

Have old Lego sets with missing manuals? Simone Civetta’s Brickstructions allows you to download the instruction pages of your favorite Lego sets into an automatically-generated PDF file.

All you need to do is input your Lego set’s part number to quickly retrieve its manual, and the app does the rest—a perfect solution for lost or misplaced paper instructions.


Daily Workouts 3.01

Daily Workout Apps’s $3 Daily Workouts (Mac App Store Link) helps you sweat off your excess holiday weight with a tailored exercise regimen for you abs, arms, and legs—plus a cardio portion.

The app provides random routines, complete with video demonstrations performed by a certified personal trainer, and allows you to create your own set of exercises for a personalized experience.


FoldingText 2.1.1

Hog Bay Software’s $30 FoldingText (Mac App Store Link) is a Markdown-compatible text editor that sports some cool features, including outlining, to-do list management, scheduling, and more.

The app focuses on giving you a simple writing environment, and can help you do any writing-related task, from taking notes to planning your next big event.


Hivebench - Lab Notebook 1.3.3

Working on your next science project? Shazino’s Hivebench brings text, images, videos, spreadsheets, and files together into a great presentation tool.

The app allows you to automatically track your reagents and protocols based on industry standards, and keeps an inventory of your work for future reference. You can also synchronize your data between all your devices using the companion iOS app.


Pomodoro Time Manager Versión: 1.0

Adolfo Vera’s $3 Pomodoro Time Manager increases your productivity by helping you manage your time more effectively.

The app follows the well-known Pomodoro technique, which lets you set and track your tasks and breaks. It also plays a sound to remind you to get back to work, and even generates graphs to visually show your progress.


SmartReporter 3.1.7

If you have ever experienced a hard drive failure, Albert Mayer’s $6 SmartReporter (Mac App Store Link) can warn you of impending disaster before it’s too late.

The app periodically checks the status of your connected disks, including kernel logfiles and SMART degradation. It can then send you reports via email, alert dialogs, on-screen notification, and more.


Tap Forms Organizer and Secure Database 3.5.10

Tap Zapp Software’s $35 Tap Forms Organizer and Secure Database (Mac App Store Link) categorizes, organizes, and stores all your relevant information in one place through the use of handy customizable forms.

With built-in support for iCloud, the app can be synchronized across all your devices, includes a number of templates tailored to many common needs, and allows you to import your CSV or XLSV files if you prefer to build on your existing data.


Weight Diary 1.0

It’s time to line up those New Year resolutions... again. Sergey Fatykhov’s $5 Weight Diary (Mac App Store Link) helps you to reach your goals by monitoring your weight over time.

The app tracks your daily BMI (body mass index) and IBW (ideal body weight) and displays your progress and goal information through great looking graphs. And, if you’re up to it, Weight Diary even lets you share your hard work through social media.

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