The Week in iOS Accessories: Virtual reality rules

This week's roundup includes several different accessories for virtual reality fans—one device for consuming, another for creating. Read on!

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Virtual reality rules

This week’s roundup includes several different accessories for virtual reality fans—one device for consuming, another for creating. Read on!



We’ve seen lots of devices that help you consume virtual reality via the iPhone. The $99 Teleport VR Camera helps you create it: The dual lens device attaches to your phone and lets you capture HD video best displayed in the VR format. The project is still in its crowdsourcing phase—but as of this writing, had achieved its funding goal six times over with 19 days to go. Sounds like it might be popular.



The $118 DeePoon Virglass is a lot like other virtual-reality headsets you’ve seen lately—just slip your 4-to-6-inch iPhone into the headset and you’re ready for a “private” 3D video experience.



The $30 Jackery Giant+ is billed as the “world’s largest capacity external battery” and with 12,000 mAh in reserve, that is a pretty good argument. It has two USB ports, letting you charge—say—an iPhone and an iPad at the same time. It’s lightweight—10.4 ounces—and comes in four colors.



The $50 Mipow Smart Power Tube 3000 doesn’t pack the same punch as the Jackery Giant+—as the name suggests, it carries 3,000 mAh in reserve—but then again, it’s tiny: Just three ounces. It’s still got some style, though, available in six different colors.



The $85 Orbi lets you tag your loved ones and release them into the wild, where they can be tracked to sure your peace of mind: “Clip it to a key-chain, belt loop, backpack, bike, golf bag, scooter, walker. Stick it to a lunch box, car, TV Remote, any flat surface. Wear it on your wrist with the snap-on ‘ring band; or attach to a pendent or jacket.” No matter how it’s attached, you’ll be able to use it to track your children and make sure they’re sticking to safe places.


Rode VideoMic

The $90 Rode VideoMic is a shotgun mic for iPhone video, letting you capture the audio you want without all the extraneous noise you often get in the shooting environments.


Polk Audio

Polk Audio’s $60 Swimmer Duo is built, like its predecessors, for the shower—just twist its tail around the shower nozzle and you’re set to listen to tunes while you get cean. The difference between the Duo and its forefathers: The duo has two speakers, offering you a stereo experience that will make your showers twice as nice.

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Waterfield Designs

Waterfield has a couple of new protective cases for your new iPad Pro. The $59 Dash Sleeve is made of nylon and is big enough to fit either the iPad Air 2 or the iPad Pro and their accompanying keyboards, while the $89 Outback Solo (pictured) does the same, but as a leather bag—it even comes with a strap for over-the-shoulder carrying.

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Why buy the $550 Typhoon Action Cam? Because you want to make movies with your iPhone, and you want a really stable picture: “When using the ActionCam, the camera stays level regardless of shaky hands or wobbling, making it the ideal tool for capturing life’s quick moments with unparalleled detail.” This is an item for pro-level iPhone video makers.

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