Podcast 489: Comment Chameleon

Magnets? How do they work? Also, the latest security-reporting follies, more Apple TV thoughts, and bringing civility to commenting.

comment troll thinkstock

While Susie Ochs contends with the ocean of CES coverage, host Glenn Fleishman talks with guest Christa Mrgan of Civil Co. She’s a long-time Mac and iOS designer who cofounded a company to reduce the awfulness of comments on the Internet. With news quiet after the holidays, we discuss Griffin’s just-announced magnetic-connection option for USB-C devices, ridicule the latest numeric-based nonsense in counting raw security flaws in operating systems, and revisit the new Apple TV after holidays’ worth of new experience.

Then we dive into comments: How to create peer-reviewed civility that doesn’t suppress heated ideas, just attacks. We talk about League of Legends’ approach to reducing toxicity, machine-learning-aided tagging, and why some sites remove comments altogether.

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