How to navigate among tabs in Safari for El Capitan

A reader wants to let her fingers do the walking among Safari's tabs.

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Leslie Rosenbaum writes in about Safari tab navigation:

I keep a lot of tabs open in Safari, and could move quickly among them in Yosemite using Command-Shift-right or left arrow. The new shortcut only accommodates nine tabs, so is there a way I can restore this functionality?

There are several things going on with tab navigation and shortcuts in Safari, both in El Capitan and before, and it’s probably worth reviewing them all, as each has advantages.

  • The pre-El Capitan option to use Command-1 through Command-9 for favorited bookmarks remains—it just shifted to Command-Option plus a number. The Command key by itself plus a number moves among the first nine tabs open.

  • You can use Control-Tab or Command-Shift-] to move from left to right among open tabs, one at a time, and Control-Shift-Tab or Command-Shift-[ to move from right to left. This includes pinned tabs, a new feature in El Capitan.

  • Press Command-Shift-\ to trigger Show All Tabs (or click the button that’s by default in the upper right corner of the Safari window) to review all open tabs, which are grouped by sites for adjacent tabs that have the same domain (like Press the keystroke, click the button, or press Escape to exit the Show All Tabs view.

Show All Tabs can be slightly more useful, too, if you enable Safari in the iCloud system preference pane and Settings > iCloud on two or more of your devices logged into the same iCloud account. Then, Show All Tabs will reveal all tabs open not just on your Mac, but also on other devices down at the bottom of the scrolling window. This isn’t part of Handoff, but a separate feature, and useful in a different fashion.

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Show All Tabs lets you see everything open, grouped in part by adjacent tabs from the same domain, and, optionally, any tabs open on other devices logged in to the same iCloud account.

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