The Week in Mac Apps: Give your dock a different look with Ring Menu

In this week's roundup of new Mac software, you’ll find several apps designed to help you stay organized and keep you on task.

00 intro, a tool for sprucing up your desktop, and more

In this week’s roundup of new Mac software, you’ll find several apps designed to help you stay organized and keep you on task. Read on!


Cloud Outliner 2 Pro: Outline your ideas to align your life 2.0

Xwavesoft’s $7 Cloud Outliner 2 Pro (Mac App Store Link) helps you manage your tasks with a powerful rich-text outline editor that quickly sorts and prioritizes important events.

You can even create numbered lists and checkboxes, and use the highlight feature to single out the most important items. The app supports synchronization across all your devices via iCloud or Evernote, and can keep you data secure with a password for extra protection.


CRAX Commander - The Ultimate Files Management Tool 1.10.8

Soft4U2’s $15 CRAX Commander (Mac App Store Link) provides a centralized solution for managing and accessing all your local and remote files.

Its fully customizable dual-pane file manager lets you keep tabs on two directories at once, split and combine directories, and compress them using a variety of formats. The app lets you find and remove duplicates, is fully integrated with Dropbox, and supports connecting to external volumes using protocols like FTP, SSH, SMB, and AFP.


Cuptakes – desktop wallpapers for the girly girls 1.9.7

Finely InTouch’s $5 Cuptakes (Mac App Store Link) spruces up your desktop with colorful custom designed backgrounds.

Cuptakes lets you browse through its selection of wallpapers and install one that matches your screen’s resolution. To keep things fresh, the developers periodically release new and seasonally-themed entries, which are also available for your iPhone and iPad through a companion app so you can coordinate all of your devices.


Dunno - Remember more. 2.0.1

Never forget anything again with Spacestation6’s Dunno (Mac App Store Link), an app that helps you to remember key events by mental association.

Dunno organizes general concepts using familiar words, images, and graphs, helping take advantage of your brain’s ability to trigger memories in response to external stimuli to remember everything from your next appointment to that long-term project you’ve been putting off.


Math Planet - Fun math game curriculum for kids 1.0

Playpower’s Math Planet (Mac App Store Link) features games and drills based on first- through eighth-grade curricula, designed to help your children hone their math skills.

Math Planet covers concepts like fractions and decimals, arithmetic, geometry, and measurements. To make the learning process more engaging, it also features an adaptive engine that creates problems designed to challenge children based on their ability level without boring or frustrating them.


Nisus Writer Pro 2.1.3

Nisus Software’s $80 Nisus Writer Pro (Mac App Store Link) is an easy-to-use word processor with a customizable interface designed to match your writing style.

The app includes advanced tools like macros, cross referencing, comments, and change tracking. It’s also compatible with iCloud sync, thus allowing you to store and access your documents from multiple devices.


Ring Menu - Shortcut to your favorite Apps, Documents and Folders 1.4.4

Developer Daniel Schroth’s $5 Ring Menu replaces your dock with a circular menu designed for maximum efficiency and usability—plus, it looks really good on your Mac’s screen.

This one-of-a-kind interface, which is compatible with trackpad gestures and keyboard shortcuts, pops up right under your mouse and can be populated with all your favorite apps, making switching between programs a breeze.


SnapNDrag Pro - organize, edit and share screenshot 4.0.3

Yellow Mug Software’s $10 SnapNDrag Pro (Mac App Store Link) provides you with a solid screen capture and annotation workflow.

In addition to capturing and saving screengrabs, you can organize your images in folders, rename them in batches, and add different kinds of annotations. Thanks to the app’s sharing features, you can then send on your final edit to friends and colleagues using Mail, Messages, AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr.


US Coin 6.68

Are you a coin collector? Check out SaintsSoft’s $20 US Coin, a tool for helping you catalog and manage your entire collection.

The app includes an extensive encyclopedia with all kinds of information about circulation and collectible coins, features the ability to appraise the items in your collection through one of several auction sites, and even comes with a massive database of professional-grade photos that you can use in place of your own.

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