How to disable mouse and keyboard low-battery warnings (you can’t)

The eternal verities: death, taxes, and OS X’s low-battery warning for Bluetooth mouses and keyboards.

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Worth Gretter speaks for us all with this complaint:

The Bluetooth keyboard and mouse on my 2009 iMac (running Mavericks) both run on AA batteries. I am using disposable batteries, not rechargeables, so I want to get every bit of life out of them. The low-battery warning comes on at 15%, but I still have a couple of weeks of battery life left. Nonetheless, the warning continues to come on every day until I change the batteries. Is there a way to kill it?

I searched through Apple forums, blog posts, and old Macworld advice. This reply is to just to reassure you that you haven’t missed anything. There’s currently no way to prevent OS X from warning you regularly and frequently until you replace the batteries. I understand Apple’s desire to have your device not stop working, but the warnings can’t be customized or halted for a period of days.

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You will see this warning long past being tired of it.

Given the number of people complaining about this “feature,” which encourages battery waste (or recharging partially depleted rechargeables), you’d think a checkbox or some options might have materialized by now. A developer could make a lot of people very happy by releasing a simple tool to manage these notifications.

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