The Week in iOS Accessories: Wood, wonderful wood

This week's roundup includes several devices that are just about as natural as can be.

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Wonderful wood

This week’s roundup includes several devices that are just about as natural as can be. Read on!



The $190 Oree Board 2 is a Bluetooth keyboard made of a single piece of premium wood—it’s compatible with all iPads and Macs, and it’s efficient: It’ll run for five months on a pair of AA batteries.

bracket for iphone


Remember that all-wood keyboard in the last slide? It might go well with the $22 Natural Bamboo Bracket for iPhone/iPad. The bracket can display your device in both portrait and landscape modes; the natural materials of the stand make it a swell design fit for almost any location.

metal dock


It wasn’t long before Apple Watch docks stopped being hot and something different took their place: Combination iPhone-Apple Watch docks. The $32 Metal Dock for Apple Watch is old-school, serving just one device. It’s a stable aluminum stand with a soft underside to avoid scratching surfaces where you place it.

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The $20 Reel cable is a “braided, retro-style leather cable” and is “made from durable leather material that is resistant to wear and tear.” It’s 1m long, and comes with an integrated strap so you can wrap it up easily and go.

the bank usethis


The Bank is a $50 “wallet case” for the iPhone 6/6s that holds up to eight credit cards—just press a button, and the tray pops out. But the device is multifunctional: It also works as a horizontal stand for your iPhone.



Pledge $59 to its Kickstarter campaign, and you can have one of the first MyHangover stands—it’s a device that looks like something you’d find in a dentist’s office, with a framework that holds your iPad or iPhone in place in front of you for hands-free viewing and use.



A $25 Indiegogo pledge can still get you a Tabble, an iPad stand that works perfectly on flat tables or even in your not-so-flat lap. You can even strap it on for hands-free viewing while you’re standing around on a work site.

usbfever 4 port ipad compatible car charger


What we love abut USBFever products: The names of devices are exactly what the products are. No cleverness at all. So: The $11 4 USB Port Car Charger is a car charger. With four USB ports. Like we said: Not so cleverly named, but still pretty useful.

revel usethi


The $25 Revel is a “slim-fitting,” “fashion-forward” 42-mm band for the Apple Watch. It clips on within seconds, and protects the watch from scratches without obscuring the crown or side button.

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