The Week in iOS Apps: Cakewalk shames you into shape

This week's roundup features an app that encourages you to get in shape by taunting you when you don't exercise. Read on!

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Shaming into shape

This week’s roundup features an app that encourages you to get in shape by taunting you when you don’t exercise. Read on!

adobe use this

Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice made quite a splash when it debuted in 2014, offering a simple but powerful feature: The ability to produce animated videos with relative ease, needing only your voice and creativity to make it work. Version 2.0 has launched with a significant new upgrade: It’s now on the iPhone. You can start a project on one mobile device and finish on another, and your projects will automatically sync to your mobile account.

sarcasm app


Cakewalk is a free exercise app that, like other apps, counts the number of steps you take each day. The difference? Shame. If you fall short of your goals, you’ll receive a message from the app the next morning, mocking you with sarcasm. You can even program it to mock you on Twitter. Sounds painful and sad, but hey: Maybe it’ll work for you.



Doculus lets you more easily review documents on your phone—automatically presented in the right font and format so you don’t have to pinch and zoom. Major file formats are supported, including Microsoft Word and Google Docs, with PDF coming soon. This week’s update includes the ability to reply to comments, as well as support for several different email apps.



Rebtel, the Swedish VoIP provider, has a new feature: Rebel Calling, which allows you to make person-to-person international calls without using W-Fi. (How does that work? TechCrunch says the app “uses a data (or Wi-Fi) connection to place an app-to-app call, and then routes that call through local phone lines.”) The company says the service will be free in 2016, then only $1 a month after that.


Reporter Camera

The $1 Reporter Camera is like a lot of other photo apps: It’s got filters, effects, and editing tools. One thing that makes it different: Encryption. If you want to keep some photos from the light of day, you can protect them with an encryption tool that preserves the images for your eyes only.

grocery list

Simply Shopping

The $1 Simply Shopping is a “minimalist shopping list app for everyday needs: Tap the round ‘basket’ button and add items to your grocery list. Double tap to mark items from your grocery list as bought. This way you won’t mark the items accidentally when you are holding your phone in one hand and pushing trolley with the other.” We’ve been using the Notes app for years to make our grocery lists, but this looks good, too.



Aspiring musicians use Yousican to learn to play guitar or piano. The app can listen to your performance and offer feedback as you learn to play. The latest update? Add ukelele to the mix.


Others of note

Booyah is a video chat application for WhatsApp … Microsoft Outlook now has a calendar widget … Tinder now allows GIF messaging.

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