The Week in Mac Apps: Get things done with Chaos Control

This week's roundup of new Mac apps features Chaos Control, a tool for task management. Plus, you'll find an app for tracking shipments, a publishing program, and more.

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This week’s roundup of new Mac apps features Chaos Control, a tool for task management. Plus, you’ll find an app for tracking shipments, a publishing program, and more. Read on!


Beautiful Backup : Create Beautiful Folders for Photos 4.0

Protect your most precious memories with Muharrem Ozkan’s $5 Beautiful Backup (Mac App Store Link), a simple app that backs up all of your digital media in easily accessible folders.

The app supports common image formats like JPEG, MOV, and TIFF, as well as your iPhoto library, and lets you easily resize your images in batches. It can also automatically eliminate duplicate files. Additionally, you can take advantage of its “Archive Feature” to organize your files by year and size for quick retrieval.


Chaos Control: GTD organizer | To-Do List 1.02

Tarasov Mobile’s $25 Chaos Control (Mac App Store Link) brings order to your life by organizing tasks and tracking your progress using a Getting Things Done approach.

The app groups your goals in customizable nested categories, and then archives them as you achieve them. Tasks can be further organized in different ways according to different parameters you set, like location or people you’re working with. You can also sync your progress across devices, thanks to iCloud integration.


Copied – Copy and Paste Everywhere 1.1.1

UdonCode’s $8 Copied (Mac App Store Link) keeps a running history of the images, text, and links you copy to your clipboard, and allows you to retrieve them at a later time.

Thanks to hotkeys and customizable lists, Copied makes looking through your saved data easy and convenient—especially since iCloud integration lets you share your copy/paste history across multiple devices.


Deliveries: a package tracker 2.0

Never miss a package with Junecloud’s $5 Deliveries (Mac App Store Link), which provides reliable tracking for all your incoming packages, complete with maps.

The app provides real-time tracking data from postal services and international couriers like UPS, FedEx, and Amazon, and plots their travel route on a map so you can check their shipping status. Thanks to iCloud, the app syncs info on all of your deliveries across devices, so you can stay on top of things no matter where you are.


Desk PM 2.2

Enthusiastic writers can hone their skills with Yo’s $20 Desk PM (Mac App Store Link), a text editor that features a simple but functional interface with lots of powerful tools.

Desk PM sports a Preview Mode to quickly check your work, lets you embed media from around the web, and integrates with WordPress, Tumblr, and other blogging platforms for quick publishing.


OneFocus - Overcome Procrastination, Concentrate and Get Things Done 1.7

Designed to increase your productivity, Niklas Behrens’s $10 OneFocus (Mac App Store Link) keeps you on task by blocking unwanted apps and stopping them from distracting you.

With just a few steps, OneFocus restricts access to whatever apps you want to avoid by preventing them from launching for a customizable amount of time. A handy status icon on your menu advises you of how much time is left before you can access them again to help you focus even more.


Sim Daltonism 2.0

Michel Fortin’s Sim Daltonism (Mac App Store Link) is a simulator for various types of color blindness. Designed for researchers and visual designers concerned with accessibility, the app transforms the colors of a selected area of your screen in real time, and displays it alongside an unfiltered copy to help you better understand how a person who suffers from color blindness will perceive it.


TimePreserver 1.7

It’s better to be safe than sorry—a piece of advice that Dalamser’s $25 TimePreserver takes to heart by allowing you to create archived versions of your Time Machine backups that you can save onto an external hard drive and store offsite for extra safety.

The app archives your files using an efficient incremental storage algorithm, prioritizing your local data to help avoid corruption, and is designed specifically so that backups can easily be saved on removable devices. If your system fails, you can restore your Mac directly from TimePreserver’s backups.


Whisperings 2.4

Kenneth Roy’s $5 Whisperings (Mac App Store Link) is a database of piano music, featuring tracks from more than 250 talented pianists that you can listen to and then purchase via iTunes.

Whisperings includes a configurable sleep/wake timer that lets you use the app as an alarm clock, a wishlist function to keep track of your favorite songs, and detailed information about every artist it features. You can also stream your music through any AirPlay-compatible device—including, of course, your Apple TV.

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