Is there a way to sort Safari bookmarks?

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Reader Christine had a peculiar occurrence:

I recently edited my bookmarks, and the links I created in each folder changed to be in alphabetical order. Yikes! I needed them to stay in chronological order. Any way to fix this?

What’s peculiar about this? Safari doesn’t feature a way to alphabetize bookmarks! There is no built-in way to sort bookmarks (or URLs) alphabetically in Safari. So I’m not sure what happened that caused this spontaneous reshuffle.

If you were to want alphabetic sorting of bookmarks, there’s a free and up-to-date donationware app called SafariSort that you could turn to. (It’s an unsigned app, requiring that you bypass Gatekeeper, but it’s been in development for years. Make your own decisions about whether to run it or not, but there are no red flags.)

If you sort out what happened, Christine, let us know.

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