The Week in Mac Apps: Danger Cove’s Denied keeps annoying songs out of your playlists

This week's roundup of new Mac apps includes Denied, a tool to help you make the best music playlists possible. Plus, another music app called Finely Tuned for media playback.

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Better controls for iTunes

This week's roundup of new Mac apps includes Denied, a tool to help you make the best music playlists possible. Plus, another music app called Finely Tuned for media playback. Read on!


DaisyDisk 4.0.4

Software Ambience’s $10 DaisyDisk (Mac App Store Link) displays an array of information about your hard drive usage on a colorful interactive map.

DaisyDisk automatically identifies large files that you no longer need and can safely delete them to regain disk space. It even supports scanning multiple volumes in parallel to help you save time.


Denied - Skip Terrible Music 1.3.0

Can’t figure out how to avoid songs you don’t like? Danger Cove’s $4 Denied (Mac App Store Link) comes to the rescue by allowing you to exclude certain music from your playlists.

Compatible with iTunes and Spotify, Denied can set up filters based on song attributes like titles, albums, artists, and explicit language—and you can also add songs to your blacklist when they are playing.


eWallet 8.0.1

Ilium Software’s $10 eWallet (Mac App Store Link) lets you securely store all your passwords, credit cards, and banking information in one convenient place.

The app encrypts your data to keep it protected from prying eyes, includes a random password generator to create unique logins, and can synchronize its data across multiple devices using either Dropbox or iCloud.


Finely Tuned 2.4.0

Immature Bits’s Finely Tuned (Mac App Store Link) helps you improve your Mac’s media playback experience with a few key user-interface tweaks for popular apps like iTunes, Spotify, and Deezer.

Finely Tuned allows you to control media playback through a set of custom keyboard shortcuts, shows information about your songs right on your menu or Dock, and can even automatically display lyrics alongside your favorite music.


GIF Brewery 3 - Video to GIF Creator 3.0

From instant memes to useful screencasts, Resolven Apps’s GIF Brewery 3 (Mac App Store Link) will help you create animated GIFs.

The app lets you add filters, captions, and overlays to your clips, as well as resize or crop them as needed. You can also generate GIFs through screen captures, importing files from your iOS device, or recording from your iSight camera.


iStatistica 1.2

Andrey Tsarkov’s $2 iStatistica (Mac App Store Link) shows vital information about your Mac in an easy-to-read interface.

The app displays CPU and disk usage, uptime, battery cycles, and network activity—and even features a detailed report on memory allocation to help you diagnose application performance problems.


iThoughtsX (mindmap) 3.9

ToketaWare’s $50 iThoughtsX (Mac App Store Link) helps you organize your thoughts in a visually intuitive manner.

The app comes with support for multiple layouts and link styles, embedded documents, and various text editing tools. It also allows you to turn your mindmaps into projects and track their progress, and can synchronize your data across multiple devices through iCloud or Dropbox.


Medication 1.0.1

iLifeTouch’s $3 Medication allows you to create useful reminders to manage and schedule important medical activities for your entire family.

Medication keeps track of prescriptions and doctor appointments for multiple users, notifies you when it’s time for a refill or an office visit, and can even display useful historical reports on drug and vitamin use.


PopClip 1.5.5

Pilotmoon Software’s $7 PopClip equips your Mac with a special menu that pops up whenever you select text with your mouse.

With PopClip, you can copy and paste text, correct a misspelled word, quickly open websites, and even create custom actions using one of the many available extensions.

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