The Week in Mac Apps: MacScan 3 protects against current and future malware threats

This week's roundup of new Mac apps features a major MacScan update. Plus, two new writing apps—one for journaling, and one for productivity.

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This week’s roundup of new Mac apps features a major MacScan update. Plus, two new writing apps—one for journaling, and one for productivity. Read on!


ChronoSync Express 1.1.2

Keep your devices up to date wherever you go with Econ Technologies’s $30 ChronoSync Express (Mac App Store Link), which syncs and backs up your data using an entirely customizable document-based interface.

The app allows you to tweak your backups in various ways, so that they only affect specific parts of your Mac and are performed on a particular schedule. You can even create bootable disks to help you recover from hardware failures.


Contact Duplicates 1.1.3

Grande Americano’s $5 Contact Duplicates (Mac App Store Link) scours your address book for duplicates and helps you clean it up.

The app uses a smart algorithm designed to find contacts that appear more than once, and lets you either remove or merge them into a single record—but not before giving you a chance to review its information to make sure you’re not accidentally deleting precious details.


Letterspace — Taking notes made easy 1.6.4

Developer Sittipon Simasanti’s $10 Letterspace (Mac App Store Link) is a minimalist text editor designed to let you focus on writing without distraction.

The app is fully integrated with iCloud for sync and backups, supports Markdown, and allows you collaborate with others using hashtags and mentions. If you’re looking for a way to keep things organized, it can even create itemized lists, and comes with optional color themes for a personalized look.


MacScan 3

SecureMac’s $50 MacScan 3 protects your Mac from Internet threats by scanning your hard drives for malware and preventing anything from compromising your system or leaking your private data.

The app features a streamlined interface that identifies and summarizes any problem files and guides you through the steps required to eliminate them, and can even help you free space on your hard disk by deleting redundant files left behind when browsing.


Movie Explorer 1.5

Betamagic’s Movie Explorer (Mac App Store Link) organizes your movie collection by scanning all your available hard drives for compatible files and collecting them into an interactive catalog.

The app displays thumbnails, titles, movie posters, cast photos, and studio logos, and keeps track of the series’ you follow by highlighting the episodes you haven’t watched yet. Movie Explorer automatically opens your videos in your favorite player and can even access IMDB to help you find more information about each title.


Reflow 2 2.1

Gargant Studios’s $25 Reflow 2 provides an easy tool for music lovers to jot down the notes and lyrics of their favorite tunes.

The app supports notations for all types of instruments, allows you to edit and play back your songs in realtime, and keeps your creations readily accessible in its built-in library, which can be backed up and synchronized across multiple Macs through iCloud.


Reminisce - Journal 1.2

If you want to make your special moments memorable, Arvis Tech’s Reminisce gives you all the tools you need to create a beautiful modern journal right on your Mac.

The app allows you to organize your events with searchable tags, includes a calendar view that shows your activity, and lets you further customize your entries with pictures, locations, and ratings.


Time Out - Break Reminders 2.0

Working all day in front of your computer can be tough on your body. Luckily, Dejal Systems’s Time Out (Mac App Store Link) reminds you to take break to minimize excessive strain on your muscles and bones (and, you know, your mental health).

Time Out lets you decide how long your breaks will be and keeps track of your progress with a handy status bar in your Mac’s menu bar. The app can be disabled when you need to remain focused and comes with two customizable themes for a personal touch.


Un1ts 1.0.5

Need to quickly convert grams to pounds? Gavin Wiggins’s $1 Un1ts (Mac App Store Link) to the rescue! This tool handles conversions between all kinds of different units.

The app’s user-friendly layout groups units together by category—like weight and volume—on a single screen for quick reference, and even allows you to add your most-often used units to its toolbar for one-click access anytime you need it.

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