What the heck is a 'dormant cyber pathogen'?

Macworld Podcast episode 498

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What? The whole encryption debate and multiple court cases didn’t get settled in the 7 days since our last podcast? That’s weird. Well, luckily we’re back to talk about the new threat from the sky, or inside the house, or wherever it’s supposed to be allegedly coming from. Dormant cyber pathogens are coming for our souls. Or not, since they were made up by someone who has since admitted to making them up. Moving on.

Apple has a Twitter account to help people with problems, although we hope Macworld’s mentions from people who think we are Apple remain as profane as ever. Oh, and some ransomware was discovered piggybacking on Transmission, which is Susie’s worst nightmare but no biggie for Glenn, who has fiber Internet and two cloud backup services. (Be like Glenn, everybody. Although Susie has her moments too.)

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