The Week in Mac Apps: Make your iTunes window just the right size with Moom

This week's roundup of new Mac apps includes Moom, a tool for making your app windows the perfect size (and keeping them that way).

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Apps of the week

This week’s roundup of new Mac apps includes Moom, a tool for making your app windows the perfect size (and keeping them that way). Plus, apps for making gorgeous photo collages, tracking the moon’s patterns, and more. Read on!


Deluxe Moon Pro 1.6

Any astronomy fans in the house? Natalia Gavrylova’s $2 Deluxe Moon Pro helps you keep track of the moon’s movements in the sky alongside its phase, eclipses, and position.

The apps offers a beautiful interface with data relevant to Earth’s celestial companion, and can even provide detailed information about horoscopes, Zodiac circles, and significant events.


E-Book Viewer 5.1

Leo Mesentsev’s $5 E-Book Viewer offers a unique reading experience for your favorite ebooks right on your desktop.

The app allows you to completely customize type elements like fonts, backgrounds, margins, and much more. It also supports interactive content and videos, and can be used in full-screen mode. As an added bonus, it lets you export your content—including any comment or bookmark you may have added—into a convenient PDF.


Folder Sizes 2.2

Roberto Piccirilli’s $3 Folder Sizes sports a simple interface that shows information about each folder on your Mac, with an intuitive bar chart that shows their sizes relative to each other.

The app displays a handy list of every directory that can be found on your Mac, and allows you to remove or compress unwanted data to free up room on your hard drive.


Moom 3.2.5

Many Tricks’ $10 Moom (Mac App Store Link) allows you to resize your windows at will using your mouse or keyboard.

Moom adds a convenient pop-up menu right by your window’s zoom button, from where you can reposition and resize according to several different configurations. It lets you specify different settings for multiple screens, and saves your layouts between reboots.


Periscope Pro 3.2

ZipZapMac’s $20 Periscope Pro (Mac App Store Link) gives you remote access to your Mac’s camera—an ideal way to monitor your home whenever you are out and about.

The app can either record a continuous feed, or use motion detection technology to only capture video when something happens within the camera’s field of view. The recordings can be saved to a local hard drive or synchronized to your Dropbox account.


Photo Wall - Collage Maker Pro 3.0

Photo & Video Labs’ $2 Photo Wall lets you turn your pictures into beautiful collages using a variety of geometric pattern templates.

The app includes a variety of background images that you can use to spice up your photos, offers a full set of layout and framing tools to customize your collages, and can save its output in one of several common image formats.


Time Sink 1.2.5

Many Tricks’ $5 Time Sink (Mac App Store Link) helps you optimize your time by tracking your app usage.

Time Sink generates graphs that show when and how often you use each app, can be set up to automatically group similar software into categories like “Internet browsing,” and is even capable of exporting the data it generates into a spreadsheet for further analysis.


Todoist: To Do List | Task List 6.3.3

Doist’s Todoist (Mac App Store Link) lets you organize all your tasks, appointments, and schedules in one convenient place.

Todoist features a gamification system that helps you stay on track by giving you points when you achieve your goals; integrates with Google Drive, Cloud Magic, and other popular cloud systems; and lets you share your projects and lists with friends and family via email or over the web.


Wokabulary – Learn and manage your vocabulary 3.6.2

Mr. Fridge Software’s Wokabulary (Mac App Store Link) uses a multilingual database of words to help you improve your vocabulary.

The app allows you to quickly look up word definitions, and helps you practice your language skills with fun quizzes and word puzzles. You can also update its database by adding new words, and it synchronizes everything across multiple devices through iCloud.

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